Yin and Yang How Balance Helps You Reach Your Dreams

Yin Yang theory is one of the foundation stones of Feng Shui. In Yin Yang theory everything in the universe is made up of opposite but interconnected forces. These opposite but interconnected forces constantly move in a cycle together through the universe, they are dependent on one another for their very existence and when one is at it’s peak the other one begins.

The best way to describe the movement of yin and yang is to look for examples in the world around us. When a tree is laden with fruit, the fruit drops to the ground spilling it’s seeds on to the ground to self pollinate. When the days reach their longest in the height of summer so the very next day the days start to draw in as we start the cycle towards winter. In life we grow through adolescence to reach our physical peak in mid life before old age slows us down and death moves us on to the next stage. Yin and yang are both necessary, without seeds from the fruit nothing else can grow, if winter didn’t follow summer we would have a hot, barren world, if summer didn’t follow winter the land would be like the frozen landscape of the arctic.

For our environment to be balanced and work in harmony we need to ensure both yin and yang are equally represented in our homes. Yin is passive, dark, cold, quiet. Yang is active, light, sunny and noisy. Yin is like the autumn and the winter, like metal or water. Yang is like spring and summer, like wood or fire. Applying the principles of yin and yang to your home will help you bring balance to your environment, aiding the natural flow of chi and producing positive energy around you. A home that is too full of yin can block the natural flow of energy and allow it to stagnate, a home that is too yang disrupts the natural flow of energy making it move too fast. Applying the principles of Feng Shui helps you to harmonize your environment, bringing everything together to support you in your dreams.

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