World Earth Day

This Sunday marks World Earth day when up to a billion people will come together to give thanks for our planet and make a pledge to help protect and support it.

I have always had an affinity with World Earth day. Partly this is because I was born around the time of the first ever World Earth day and the collective power of people as they came together to protect the earth, and the growing awareness of the need to safeguard the environment, did something to the energy circulating around the earth at this time. Mainly though the pleasure I get from this day and the reason I am such a strong supporter of the event is that it is wonderful to see so many people in the world today taking positive action to protect and sustain our world for ourselves and for generations to come.

As well as bringing people together to show their support for the earth and to call on all our governments to make a commitment for positive change, World Earth day this year is a timely reminder that there is much on this earth for us to be thankful for. We hear so much in the media about what is wrong with the world it is great to know that there are so many people who want to do what is right. To make the world a better place and to make sure we always have this world it only needs for each one of us to make a small difference to improve our relationship with the environment. If we can all take one small step the earth will provide us with all the resources we need to live a happy life for many thousands of years to come.

As a Feng Shui expert I am very conscious of the changes on the earth and the dramatic shifting in the earths energies over the last few decades. Earths place in the universe relies on an equal and harmonious balance between yin and yang. If one becomes stronger than the other, which is what we are experiencing at this moment in time, then the whole balance of the earth is put at risk. Our so called advancements over recent years, the satellites spinning overhead which allows 24 hour communication, the ever larger and taller buildings in areas which were previously unspoilt wilderness, vast tracts of land concreted over to provide us with faster transport connections have all resulted in a shift in the energy around us towards yang. Too much yang energy in our environment leads to conflict and disharmony, pretty much summing up the ever increasing instances of wars and natural disasters we now live in.

It is not too late to help the balance of energy become more equal, there are enough people on the planet to do it. One billion of us will be lending our voices and making a pledge on Sunday. If you want to perform a small action to make a difference in your own environment to promote yin energy there is much you can do. Scattering wild flower seeds on a patch of lawn to make your garden more yin, making more use of the natural light in your home so that you are less reliant on electricity, making a commitment to eat locally produced food in season are just three easy ways in which you can help.

If we give to the earth the earth will give back to us. And our lives will be healthier, richer and happier as a result.

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