Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

When most people purchase their first sliding glass patio doors and have it installed, they pay little thought to sliding glass door window treatments. It is not usually until after they have been installed that people begin to take this into consideration. You will find that by researching your different options ahead of time and coming up with ideas now you will be much better prepared for when you have finally purchased your glass doors and had had them installed. The following will seek to make things a little bit easier for you by providing you with a few examples of effective sliding glass door window treatments.

Is Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments Worth It?

These provide the practical purpose of increasing your homes privacy while also being attractive. However, the only drawback is that they may be a little bit too common. If you are looking for something that will give you attention then you may want to look elsewhere for window treatments for sliding glass doors.

Try Out The Different Styles

If you are looking for something a bit fancier, there are aluminum, vinyl, and even cloth blinds which are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. These window treatments for sliding glass doors can provide a very modern, aesthetically pleasing look to your room and really set it apart from the others. Just make sure that you choose something that goes well with the overall design of your home or you could easily end up with a pattern that clash with other features in your home.

Other Alternatives For Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments 

Also, don’t think that you are stuck with vertical blinds for your window treatments for sliding glass doors.

  • One alternative that you may want to consider is sliding panel track blinds which are available in a wide range of materials and allow you to use multiple window blinds to cover the surface of your glass door if you so choose.
  • You can also choose horizontal blinds or even curtains as a solution to your sliding glass door treatments. If you are interested in measuring and installing this yourself as a DIY project you should watch some instructional videos on the topic ahead of time.

As you can see, you are certainly not short on ideas when it comes to choosing the best sliding glass door window treatments for your home. If you simply follow these tips you will have a much better chance of picking out the best ones for you which will go great with the rest of your home’s interior design scheme. Just make sure that you look at plenty of different models ahead of time and you will have a much better chance. You can also do some of your research online where you will find a much greater variety of options available.

A Patio Sliding Glass Doors Buying Guide

Until a person begins to shop for sliding glass patio doors for their own home, they have no idea of just how many options there are to choose form. In fact, there are so many different styles and types to choose from that it can actually be a bit overwhelming. This is why it is important to start doing some research on your options before you even enter a home furnishings and fixtures store. This way you will not have to worry about being pressured into buying something that is not the best choice for you. The following will seek to get you off to a good start by informing you about a few different types of sliding glass patio doors.

Looking At The Frame

One thing about buying sliding glass patio doors that most people overlook is the frame. There are many different styles available and they come in a wide array of finishes.

  • Solid wood frames can be very elegant, but they are also high maintenance and sliding glass door repair can be very expensive.
  • This is why most people instead opt for aluminum frames that are outfitted with a genuine wood cover.
  • This will make the door cost a lot less while still providing you with the same elegant looks. Even cheaper are simply the solid aluminum frames which may not look that flashy, but are quite cost effective.

wood frames

Also important to keep in mind when buying glass patio sliding doors is the type of glass that you would prefer. Even though single paned doors can be much cheaper, they really do not offer much when it comes to sliding glass door security. They break easily and when they do they leave dangerous shards of glass everywhere. Double paned glass on the other hand is tempered so that it is very thick and difficult to break. If someone such as a burglar tries to break in they will have a very difficult time. Another newer option that you have is low emission glass which will help you to retain heat and cool air in your home.

Search For A Manufacturer With A Good Reputation

One final thing you will want to take into consideration when making your purchase is the manufacturer of these doors. While most of the time this will have little effect on the quality of your door you will want to buy from a company that has a good reputation for providing high quality products. Do a little research on the different companies that are out there and you will be certain to find the superior one.

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