What Necessary Packing Supplies Do You Need When Moving?

When you are moving, it is important to know exactly what you will need in order to get everything moved. This means having the right supplies. Moving often requires different amounts of things that you will need to make sure your items can be loaded and driven to your new home. The question you got to ask though is what supplies you will need to make it all work.

Top Packing Supplies for Movers

Every mover has different things in their home, and knowing the necessary packing supplies that you will need for your home is going to be a very important first step to getting things underway. Optimove Removals, Brisbane in Australia helped us to write this content by providing a few necessary packing supplies that every mover should use.


Containers are a necessity. Usually, people think of moving boxes, but there are also plastic bins and crates that you can use to move items as well. Boxes are probably the most easily obtain and versatile. They can come in different sizes and you can simply write upon them anywhere you need to, and most boxes are made to stack easily. Plastic bins or crates are not nearly as stackable as a cardboard box due to shape, size, or surface. The benefit here is that they are a lot more sturdy and durable, and can absorb impacts much better than any box. Many people will use boxes for most things and small plastic containers to help hold kitchen ware or fragile items.


The tape is another necessity for most homes. A tape can have a number of functions. Primarily, you can use tape to seal boxes. A box or other container sealed with tape is less likely to open than if you were to fold box flaps or use a container lid alone. Tape can also be used to keep things shut other than boxes. Many people will use tape to keep the drawers on their dressers from rolling out while they are lifting those items. This can also work for filing cabinets or any item with doors or drawers.

Bubble Wrap

Finally, one item that is often very useful but overlooked would be bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is great for a variety of functions as well. You can use it to line boxes so that the items inside of that box will not come to harm. Bubble wrap can also be wrapped around large mirrors and televisions to prevent cracks or scratches to the surface


Your home will have the need for different ways and methods to move, so ensure you have the right supplies when you start planning things. If you have everything you need when it is time to start packing, the process will go much faster and you can keep your items that much safer. You can also start shopping around and buying what you need then store it away until it is time to move.

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