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Welcome to my Feng Shui weekly blog post. This week I continue to provide answers to some of the common Feng Shui questions I get asked on my workshops and training courses. This week, Where do I start on my Feng Shui journey?

This is one of the most common questions when people start to focus on how to incorporate Feng Shui principles in to the home. The foundation stones of Feng Shui, the two absolutes that you must get right if you are to attract good fortune to your home and attract what you desire to your life are balance and energy flow. But achieving a home that is balanced and has a positive flow of energy takes a while to achieve. It is not something that can be done overnight so if you want to attract good fortune to your life right now where do you start?

Because people often dont know where to start they add Feng Shui cures and enhancements in specific places in their home which correspond to what they feel are areas which are lacking in their life. If for instance they are experiencing problems in a relationship they add enhancements to the bedroom or the south west area of the home. Whilst there is nothing fundamentally wrong with doing this I always think that if you want to make life changing enhancements to your home you should approach it as a journey and have a plan. I always suggest that when you begin to incorporate Feng Shui to your home you start with ensuring that there is a strong and positive flow energy around the space The front door is where energy enters your home and so for me this is a logical place to start. The great news is that it is also one of the simplest and quickest areas of your home to get right.

Below are some tips for ensuring that the entrance to your home is ready to welcome and nurture a positive flow of energy. If you follow these tips you should very quickly start to see small improvements happening in your life which will give you the impetus to continue making changes in other areas around your home.

Tip 1

Make sure the entrance to your home is free of clutter. Outside your home ensure that the entrance is not blocked by dustbins, bikes and old plant pots and ensure plants and shrubs are trimmed back and kept neat and away from the door. On the inside coats and shoes should be stored neatly and there should be a clear path from the door to the rest of the house. The door should be able to open fully without anything impeding its progress.

Tip 2

Make sure that the doorway is kept in good repair. Doors should be kept regularly varnished or painted and hinges should be well oiled so that they dont squeak. Solid doors are better than doors with glass. If you have a glass door the glass should be kept clean and consider covering the inside of the door with a thick curtain to ensure that energy, once it has entered is kept within the home.

Tip 3

If you want to attract good fortune to your home consider painting your front door an auspicious colour. The Chinese believe that red is the best colour for a door but this is only true if the front door of your home faces south. If your front door faces east green is a great colour as this will signify new growth and opportunities. If your front door faces north paint it black or dark blue as this will help attract money and new work opportunities to the home. Finally yellow is the most auspicious colour of all as this will help to attract luck, good fortune and abundance.

Tip 4

Make a welcoming front entrance by adding bright shrubs at either side of your door, placing a welcome mat and hanging a wind chime, crystal or bell. Moving enhancements such as wind chimes and bells have the extra advantage of stimulating energy, ensuring a strong flow through your door.

Tip 5

Make sure the entranceway to your home is well illuminated. If the doorway is dark then this could lead to energy stagnating around the door rather than flowing through. Place an outside light or lights just outside your doorway and if your door opens on to a narrow hall paint the hall a light colour and make sure that any lights in the hall are bright and illuminate the whole space.

I hope that this weeks blog post has provided you with some quick and simple remedies for ensuring that your home attracts a strong and positive flow of energy. If you would like to receive these tips direct to your inbox every week please sign up for my mailing list at the top of this page.

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