Vita-mix 5200 Blender Review – Why It’s The Best Blender For Smoothies?

Hi Guys! I have a feeling that you probably still hesitate to buy Vita-mix 5200 blender for making smoothies. Perhaps you still consider the price and you want to find out whether it’s worth the price.

Well, I think I could help you with this Vita-mix 5200 blender reviews. I actually did some research on this blender on the Internet from number of forums, blogs and on Amazon site as well.

I’m quite amazed to find out that this blender has so many great features. It’s highly recommended by many reviewers online who are actually using this blender for making smoothies at home. However, I also found some reviewers say bad thing about this blender. Anyway, let’s go through this product reviews below.

Vita-mix 5200 Blender Review – What Is So Special About It?

Vita-mix 5200 blender is widely recognized as a high quality and very popular blender. Most of reviewers or users on Amazon, for example, like this blender because of its high powerful motor, its durability, easy to operate and easy to clean as well. It actually does great job at any blending tasks. They also say that it gives them outstanding results on smoothies. Let’s take a look at its features and abilities in more detail below.

# High Horse-Powered Motor

The amount of power is the most crucial factor for a blender to make an excellent smoothies result. You should make sure selecting a high horse-power (HP) blender with at least 500 watts or more to make a delicious great and tasting smoothies. Vita-mix 5200 blender, for example, comes with powerful 2 peak output horse-power (1380 watts) motor. Its blades can spin up to 240 mph which is able to blend the toughest ingredients and completely pulverize anything you put into the pitcher in seconds.

High HP motor blender is a crucial aspect of a blender. A less powered blender will get overheating when it’s blending thick ingredients and frequently used. With The Vita-mix blender, you can blend thick mixtures without overheating the motor which leads to longer life of the motor. Beside, the motor has an excellent thermal cooling fan, thus you can let the blender running without worrying it will burnout.

# High Quality of Smoothies

One of the benefit of using a high HP motor blender such as Vita-mix is that you can get the most of the nutrient from fruits and vegetables in the smoothies. For example, its blades can rotating up to 240 mph. This speed can break apart the tiny seeds of fruits and vegetables during the blending process into a very smooth texture of smoothies and also tasting delicious. In other words, this blender is actually improve the quality of your smoothies, making the nutrition more readily available for your body.

# Less Time In Foods Preparation

Another great thing about having high HP motor is that the blender can do the blending task in seconds. You can spend less time on blending. This also means you will able to do foods preparation quickly and can do other things else.

# Easy To Operate

Vita-mix 5200 blender comes with three basic controls: on/off switch, a dial to control variable speed, and a high/low switch. You can control the speed easily by using a dial control variable speed that is numbered from 1 to 10 to adjust the speed of the blades. This variable speed is very helpful when you are blending very thick mixtures or ingredients.

You can make use of a temper (image above) to help you when blending very thick foods. It’s designed to fit the lid of this blender, therefore is safe to use during the blending process.

The temper is needed to push large or thick ingredients into the blades. For example, you will need the temper when making nut butters, so you don’t have to shake the blender several times to help the blending process. Just simply use the temper will be good enough.

# Easy To Clean

The cleaning process is simple and easy with Vita-mix 5200 blender. You just simply filling the amount of water until it reaches half of the pitcher, add a little amount of dish-washing detergent or liquid, and run the machine for about 20 seconds, and then rise it out.

# Comfort Design

Vita-mix 5200 comes with 64-ounce jar or pitcher capacity which is shatter-proof and BPA -free. This pitcher is designed to create a powerful vortex that makes the ingredients move up and back down towards the blades.

The new model of this blender comes with 48-ounce jar (18“) which is made to fit on the kitchen counter-top. This see-through container allows you to watch the blending process. A larger 64-ounce jar is for large capacity of ingredients. You can consider the 48-ounce jar if you make small quantity of smoothies. As compared to 65-ounce jar, the 48-ounce jar will more likely fit the kitchen counter.

Both of these pitchers come with an ergonomic soft-grip handle for a better comfort and spill-proof lid with 2 part easy-removable lid that allows you to add the ingredients during the blending process.

# 7 years of warranty

The Vita-mix 5200 blender offers longer period of full coverage warranty for 7 years and is also has an excellent customer service.

Vita-mix 5200 Blender Reviews – So, Why It’s The Best Blender For Smoothies?

This blender helps you and your family to make a healthy smoothies for a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a way to be healthier and you are about to eat more fruits and vegetables for your healthy diet and preparing healthy smoothies for your family, Vita-mix 5200 blender is good for you. This machine does very excellent jobs when it is used for nutritional purposes for a healthy lifestyle.

This blender will give you and your family an excellent result of smoothies and high quality of smoothies as well. As mentioned before, this blender can completely breaking the ingredients into tiny seeds of foods during the blending process into perfect textures smoothies. As the result, the smoothies are so creamy, very smooth and great taste and delicious to drink.

You can get most of the nutrient from fruits and vegetables. As I mention before, the fruits and vegetables are pulverized into tiny microscopic particles, so your smoothies are not only more delicious, but also more readily available for your body.This is actually helping your body to digest the nutrients effectively.
You can teach your kids to eat green from now on. In my opinion, Vita-mix 5200 blender can actually improve your family healthy eating habit. For example, many people (especially kids) avoid eating green vegetables because of their taste bitter. You can blend greens with some sweet fruits like grapes, pineapple, banana with this blender to disguise the natural taste of the greens into delicious healthy smoothies.

Some Bad Things People Say About Vita-mix 5200 Blender

# It’s quite large

Unlike KitchenAid 5-speed blender or Ninja 1100 blender, Vita-mix 5200 blender does not really fit under kitchen cabinets. You might come into trouble for not knowing where to put this blender if you have smaller kitchens cabinet. Most of the owners say that it’s neither nice looking nor fits under kitchen cabinets. I think you should check that you have large enough space on the kitchen before making a purchase.

# It’s Loud

Most of the owners say this blender is very noisy, especially when blending thick mixtures. However, it’s not as louder than the Oster 4093 Beehive blender. Some says that they don’t mind since it does excellent result for smoothies.

# It’s expensive

Perhaps most people hesitate to buy this blender is because of the price, which can be around $500 or higher. You can check current price offer at Amazon.

In conclusion, this Vita-mix 5200 blender review is simply give you my opinion. I think you should look at the long term point of view. In the long run it could be turn out to be more cost-effective to buy one that has high quality features and last for 10 to 20 years at around $500 instead of throwing 2 or 3 around $50 blenders every couple of years.

Vita-mix 5200 blender is an absolutely high quality and powerful blender that allows you to blend absolutely everything you put into. The best part is it comes with so many great features which makes it easier for you to do the smoothies than other blenders in the market. This blender is the best blender for making smoothies and it’s worth for your consideration. Below is my affiliate link which takes you to Amazon site.

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