Type of Paints for Home

There are many different types of paints available for use in home decorating, and depending on what type of job you are doing you may need to apply several coats of different paint in order to achieve a satisfactory effect.

Type of Paints for Home:

  • Primer – this is a base coat paint, and provides an even, uniformed layer.
  • Undercoat – this is used for preparing walls to receive the colored/textured topcoat
  • Topcoat – this is the finishing paint, designed in many different colors, textures and sheens
  • Water based – these paint dry quickly, and are usually applied in layers
  • Oil based paints – these dry slowly, but have smoother, thicker coverage and do not show brush marks as clearly as water based paints.
  • Gloss Paint – gloss is a thick, very shiny paint, which is very hardwearing and ideal for window and door frames
  • Eggshell – this is slightly less shiny than gloss, and suitable for walls and cupboards and is also hardwearing
  • Satin – a mild, hardwearing sheen that suits walls and cupboards
  • Matt Emulsion – no sheen and suitable for walls, and although is hardwearing can mark easily different kinds of paints
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