Top 7 Mistakes of Toilet Installation in Bathroom Remodeling Jobs

Bathroom remodeling jobs can prove to be quite challenging if the tasks are not completed appropriately. There are many undertakings that can be performed when remodeling this room. One of the most popular tasks is replacing the toilet, or moving it from one location in the bathroom to another location. There are numerous mistakes that are commonly experienced when a new toilet is being installed. Here, we will cover the top 7 mistakes of toilet installation in bathroom remodeling jobs.

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Mistakes of Toilet Installation in Bathroom Remodeling Jobs :

  1. The first and most common mistake that involves toilet installation is when the individual who is doing the installation violates the codes that are enforced regarding this type of installation. Individuals who do not pull the proper permits to perform this type of work often find that their installation is faulty. By following the proper codes, the toilet is sure to run appropriately and not pose any type of health risk to the individuals in the home.
  2. The second mistake of toilet installation in bathroom remodeling jobs includes implementing the use of pipes that are much too small for the jobs. When this occurs, it is likely that the individual will notice that their septic tank often backs up. This is actually a very costly mistake, though it seems minor. It can result in a lot of damage – this is especially true if the septic tank backs up frequently and water spills over the toilet bowl. You will want to be certain that you use the appropriate pipes for the work that you do on your toilet when installing a new one, or relocating the old one.
  3. The third mistake that many individuals make when they install a toilet in the home is not taking the time to level all the fixtures that are involved with this type of installation. This can make for some very messy spills. If you want to properly install or relocate a toilet, it is important to ensure that you make certain everything is balanced and properly even.
  4. The fourth mistake that can cause damage to both the home and the health of the individuals who reside in the home. This occurs when the toilet is installed without a protective seal. This seal helps create suction to the floor and the pipes. If there is no protective barrier, water from the toilet is sure to seep from the sides of this bathroom component. When this occurs, people who live inside the home may be subjected to dangerous septic tank gases. It is important that you install this seal, and use waterproof chalking and adhesive to hold it down.
  5. Many people have been found to be guilty of not applying a secure seal along the bottom of the toilet. This will help to ensure that the toilet remains in place, and it also protects against sewer gases and moisture. If you are installing a new toilet, or simply relocating an old toilet, it is important to make sure that you seal the entire component along the bottom. Not doing so could result in the toilet moving out of place, and seepage of moisture that can be damaging to the floor in your bathroom.
  6. When installing a toilet in the bathroom remodeling job, it is important to ensure that you secure all bolts in a fashion which is straight. If you tighten bolts at an angle, you will eventually find that these angles result in leaks. You may not even notice the leak for a while. By the time that you do notice it, it could have already caused hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage. Generally, this damage is experienced in the flooring, and the wood that supports the flooring.

Toilet Installation

The final mistake that is often performed when installing a toilet in a bathroom remodeling job is that in which the individual turns the water on directly to the toilet when installation is complete without having bled the line. It is important to go outside and run the water hose to ensure that any debris that has settled into your lines has been eliminated. This also eliminates air bubbles as well. If you fail to do this, you will find that there is dirt in your water, and possibly even suction problems with the toilet.

As you can see, there are many common mistakes that are made when installing a toilet during a bathroom remodeling project. If you are planning on putting in a new toilet or simply relocating your old one, it is important to consider these mistakes, and avoid them at all costs.

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