Toddler Craft Ideas

There is no doubt that raising a toddler can be challenging, to say the least. If their minds are not directed in a certain (and hopefully positive and constructive) way, then you can end up with broken dishes, a carpet full of soggy Apple Jacks, and walls covered in unbelievably abstract art! Getting yourself equipped with some fun Toddler Craft Ideas is an extremely powerful undertaking that can allow you to share in your baby’s creative spirit, but in a more focused and directed sort of way.

In this article, we will be covering just a few Toddler Craft Ideas that can have you and your young son or daughter enjoying each other company and still maintaining a measure of productivity in the process. In fact, here is one idea for you with directions and all! I hope these Toddler Craft Ideas will serve you and your little one very well.
Toddler Craft Ideas Paper Plate Snowman (Very Easy!)

* two large paper plates

* bottle of glue

* black marker

* hole punch

* scissors

* orange pipe cleaner

* red construction paper

* black construction paper

* one piece of yarn

Step One: Cut away the outer edge of ONE paper plate

Step Two: Punch one hole near the edge of both the small and large plates

Step Three: With the yarn, tie the two together

Step Four: Using the black paper, cut out the shapes of a top hat and two boots

Step Five: Using the red paper, cut out the shapes of mittens

Step Six: Glue the hat, boots and mittens to the appropriate areas of the snowman

Step Seven: Use a small piece of pipe cleaner to make the nose (glue it or poke it through)

Step Eight: With the black marker, draw the eyes and nose

Step Nine: Use the red construction paper to cut out buttons and glue them down the snowman’s body

Obviously, this is a seasonal craft. There are many other Toddler Craft Ideas out there which can easily be implemented any time of year. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider.

* Popsicle stick houses, castles, etc.

* Homemade hand or finger puppets

* Homemade musical instruments (toilet paper roll shakers, rubber band guitars, etc.)

* Finger painting art projects

* Crafts involving gluing feathers or cotton balls to construction paper

* Simple macaroni or cereal art

* Tissue paper flowers

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding some truly great Toddler Craft Ideas to share with your baby. There are countless videos on YouTube that can give you some ideas and show you step by step how to implement them. Of course, you can also feel free to use your own imagination and have fun with common objects lying around the house.

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