Tissue Paper Stained “Glass”


  • Clear contact paper
  • Colors tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Black construction paper
  • Yarn or string


  • Size it up. Decide the size you want the finished product to be and cut out two pieces of the contact paper and one piece of the black construction paper the same size. Approximately 4” x 6” is a good size. Really any size can be used that can be cut out of the size of paper you have.
  • Make the frame. To make the frame for your stained glass, fold the black paper in half long ways. Cut on the fold leaving a boarder of at least a ¼”. You can cut out any shape you want. Just a simple shape that is the same as your paper is the most basic. You can be creative with your shapes and try cutting more that one opening. Unfold the paper and flatten the fold. Peel the back off of one piece of the contact paper and lay it down sticky side up. Carefully place your frame down on the contact paper. Be sure to line it up before you put it down because once the paper touches the contact paper it will be stuck there.
  • Design your window! Using scissors cut out pieces of the tissue paper to make your design. Layout the design on the side. Do not stick it down before your are sure because once the paper is down it cannot be moved. When you lay down the tissue pieces, do so with care not to touch the contact paper with your fingers. This could lead to a sticky situation!
  • Ready to hang it up. Once you are done with laying down your design, take a small piece of string or yarn and make a loop and lay the ends down on the top of your window. Unpeel the second contact paper. Meet up the edges on one side and smooth down and press the two parts together. Try not to trap any air bubbles while you are doing this.
  • Enjoy! You are all done. Find a good place to hang your stained glass window so that lots of light shines through it.

Option: Forgo the window frame all together. Just place the tissues pieces anywhere on the contact paper. After the second piece of contact paper is laid down, trim around the design. This is a good option for very small children.

Tissue Paper Stained

It is best to have all of your materials ready to go and within easy reach once you get started.

Tissue Papers Stained

In this example, a double pane frame has been cut.

Tissue Paper Stained

Press the frame down and smooth it around the edges, next lay down pieces of tissue to make you design.

Tissue Paper Stained 2

After the second piece of contact paper is down, it is ready to hand up and enjoy!

Tissue Paper Stained 3

This project cam be simple or complex. Here is an example of an advanced design made by a teen.

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