Tips To Use When Packing Fragile Items Carefully

The biggest concern of any mover is not where you are going, how much time it will take, or even how much money it will cost. The primary concern of any mover out there is if their things will be okay when they move them. No one wants their stuff to break or become damaged for a variety of reasons. When faced with transporting items that have a high likelihood of breaking, these concerns can eat away at your mind, especially when you do not know what to do. There are more than a few common tips for packing fragile items carefully that you may have read about or heard from someone else.

The first and most important thing before packing the first fragile item is surface protection. For smaller items you can use old newspaper to wrap around it. This keeps your knick knacks and other items safe from scratches, small holes, or other damages that may happen when that item hits another. It is recommended to wrap anything made out of glass in newspaper. You can also use bubble wrap to do this as well. Larger items such as mirrors or televisions should be covered up with either bubble wrap or a furniture blanket as well to avoid breaks.

When you are packing away these items, make sure that you line your box with blankets, towels, or bubble wrap to absorb impacts and shocks. You will also want to put one of these things in between each of these items if you are going to layer the box with many items. Also, be careful not to make the container you are using too tight or heavy since this can lead to unexpected disaster as well.

Large or small, being careful with delicate items is most important when loading onto a moving truck or other vehicle. Small boxes of breakable items should be placed in a location where it will not fall or have anything slam into it, such as the “attic” of the truck or even in the cab with you. Larger items should be secured in a manner where they will not fall or move around. You should also ensure that the material you used to cover the item will stay on before you start driving to ensure you are giving that piece of furniture the most possible protection. Be careful where you stack other items and how you place them into the vehicle to keep them from hitting your fragile or other items you want to keep safe from harm.

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