Tips Choosing Bedroom Lamp

As there is vast verity of table lamps to choose from, you will surely find the appropriate lamp that will look good in your room. But first you should consider the basic style of the table lamps.


Contemporary table lamps add beauty and elegance to your living or working spaces while giving you the general lighting you need.

Tiffany Style

Tiffany style lamps, French impressionist glass art with flower-patterned and subtle landscape patterns.


Modern style will add style to your home interior as it softly illuminates at any angle.

Wrought iron

This style will provide you with (a timeless looking using wrought iron table lamps and floor lamps for any style of home décor.

The main things you should consider for wile purchasing table lamp are:

  • The shade and the base of the lamp must be proportion to each other.
  • Make sure the table lamp must also fit the size of your other furnishings as well.
  • Confirm that the shade of the lamp is at your eye level.
  • Make sure that the bulb is not visible

If you intend to buy a table lamp for the bedside then remember that the light is more important then style. Because you’re bedside lamp would also be the main source of light at the same time as it decorate the room. Apart from that, it would also be your light source when reading in bed as well.

Another important thing to concern is the height of the table lamp. The height is mainly depends on the current nightstand. If the nightstand is short, then a taller lamp would work best on your bedside. Twin Platform Bed in Black and Canopy Style.

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