Taking Care of Hardwood Floor

Now, there are some things that you should strictly maintain while taking care of your hardwood floor.

The things you should never……

  • You should NEVER EVER use wax, oil based detergent or vinegar. Vinegar will scratch the surface of the floor. The oils and waxes will leave sticky remains on the surface and it will prevent polyurethane from shining.
  • Never let large amount of liquid to puddle on any of your hardwood floor for long periods of time. The floor will shrink during dry winter months, and the gaps between boards create a drain passage water to penetrate below. These trapped waters will swell and discolor all woods.
  • DO NOT use dirty mop to clean hardwood floor. Any grit from the dirty mop will scratch the finish.
  • Also, DO NOT drag any heavy furniture or any objects across your wood floor. Use something underneath the feet to prevent scratches and distribute the weight.

The things you must do

  • Regularly sweep the floor to remove sand and scratchy dust.
  • To prevent and catch the sand from getting on to your hardwood floor, use doormats.
  • It is must to use a rug in front of your kitchen sink.
  • Always use floor protection under all furniture legs and to distribute the weight, use rigid pad.
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