Spring has finally arrived, with nice and sunny days, Sping butterfly
and with them the meadows full of flowers,
which just lure the kids to play on them.
After the playing games outdoors,
the kids are happy to get on with making
art work with the theme of spring.
This time, we will make a spring butterfly from paper.
The process of making is not complicated,
and children will easily make a new decoration for their room.

Material for work:

  • colored paper in various colors
  • scissors
  • adhesive paper

On the start, you need to fold and cut colored paper to make a form that resembles a snowflake and is shown in Fig.

cutted pattern






Draw butterfly, and then attach the other fluff , madeĀ  from colored paper.

drawn butterfly glue the cutted color paper






Cut the excess from the wing, and then repeatĀ  sticking on the other side of the butterfly.

Roll a small square paper. This object will represent the body of the butterfly.

body of butterfly removing not necessary paper






Glue the body of butterfly to the wings and spring butterfly is ready to fly.

buterfly in fly finished buterfly

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