Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Tips

There are a number of do it yourself small bathroom ideas. Whether you want to just make a small change, or you are working with a small budget, there are a number of bath renovation and improvement projects that can really enhance the look and feel of the room.

Throughout this guide, I will introduce you to various ideas when it comes to remodeling and renovation jobs for the bath area in your home.

Grab Bars

If you are looking for a small improvement idea for the bath area of the home, you should consider installing grab bars. You may be healthy now, but what if you experience an injury in the future? What if you develop a medical condition like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, or arthritis? Grab bars make a great addition to the shower area, the area near the toilet, and even along the wall leading to these areas.

In today’s market, there is a large variety when it comes to the appearance of grab bars, as well as the color locations. You can purchase any type that you like, and will fit in wonderfully with your current décor in the bathroom. These little accessories have prevented a large number of accidents throughout the years and are considered a great safety measure. If you are looking to make just a small change to the bath and/or shower area of the home, installing grab bars throughout the room is a simple do it yourself project!


Lighting changes is another way that you can make a small change in this room. There are many different types of light bulbs and light fixtures available in today’s market. You can start simple by taking those old standard bulbs and replacing them with energy efficient lighting. In many cases, this type of lighting is brighter, and can add a natural appeal to the bathroom. The added benefits to making this type of change is that these light bulbs last up to five times longer than the standard bulb and can save you lots of money each year on your electricity bill.

In addition to choosing light bulbs that may bring about a change as far as overall lighting is concerned, there are many different types of light fixtures that are available that you can install in your bath and/or shower area. There are certain types of light fixtures that you can purchase and place in the bathroom that can really enhance the overall mood of the entire room. There are many different types of fixtures that include ceiling fixtures, track, pendants, skylights, recessed, and wall. Take your pick!


The next bathroom change that you can do is changing out the fixtures in the room. There are many different fixtures in this room. These include that of the sink fixtures, the bath fixtures, and the shower fixtures. You can choose to change out just one type of fixture, or all of the fixtures. It is really amazing at the change that something this small can make to the entire room. While we are on the topic of fixtures, it is important to know and understand that modern technology has now presented us with the ability to place LED lights on the water outlets.

Now, you can attach these to your fixtures and when cold water is being run, a blue light appears. When hot water is run, the light turns red. A simple change like this can be really effective when you have children in the home, or individuals with vision complications.


While painting the bathroom may seem like a large job, it is actually a small and relatively easy one. Throwing on a new coat of paint can brighten and bring life to a bathroom. You can paint the room virtually any color that you want! The color of paint that you use, or the “color scheme” can prove to be a very large component of the overall décor of the small bathroom. This is a simple do it yourself job to the bath area that can make a large difference.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Idea


Here, you have been introduced to several small bathroom ideas that are all considered to be the simplest when it comes to do it yourself renovation and remodel projects. If you are ready to make a change but are limited in time, and funds, all of these projects are appropriate for you! Not only are they time friendly, but they are budget friendly too!

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