Qmark Hydronic Electric Baseboard Heaters In Hydronic Or Electric

Qmark hydronic electric baseboard heaters, like the Q-Mark HBB500 Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater, have a sheathed electric heating element that is completely immersed in heat-transfer liquid and sealed in a heater-length copper tube. The volume of heat storage fluid is increased by the large diameter reservoir which prolongs the thermal constant of the entire heater. The major bonus of a heater like this comes with the fact that the hydronic elements retention qualities keep the heat radiating after the thermostat turns off.

Mounting Qmark Hydronic Electric Baseboard Heaters

Qmark hydronic electric baseboard heaters can be mounted anywhere, including any wall or floor. However, with baseboard heaters it is always suggested that heaters are placed underneath windows where the majority of heat is lost (especially of the windows have old fittings and no insulation).

• They have low operating temperatures so carpet can be installed up to and around the baseboard.

• Baseboard heaters, for example electric baseboard heaters which are similar to hydronic baseboard heaters but don’t contain the heating liquid are set up so that each baseboard is responsible for heating a particular room or area.

• The heat of individual heaters is controlled by individual thermostats, which means that all of the rooms in the house don’t necessarily have to be the same temperature and can be controlled separately, making baseboard heaters the ideal room-by-room heating solution.

Qmark heaters work by pulling cold external air through and over the heated fins from the bottom of the baseboard and directed into the room by a deflector hood. The heated air rises and forces the cold air to the floor, and the process repeats itself. They require little space, no ductwork and the initial cost is relatively low, making them perfect for remodelled areas as well as for new construction.

Baseboard Heater Costs

The initial set up cost of baseboards is fairly pricey, but it is a once off payment and in the long run they are considered to be more economical. Their contemporaries, which are heated with natural gases, require constant gas purchasing, which adds up quickly enough to make them more expensive in the long run. The positives for baseboard heaters are that they are quiet, draft free and each room can be thermostatically controlled. Temperature will be maintained to within one or two degrees of the thermostat setting.

There are two basic components of a baseboard heating system:

• The Element The element produces heat when electricity passes through it. Each element contains a series of metal plates called fins, which help send heat to a broader area.

• The Thermostat The thermostat simply tells the element when to activate and for how long.

• In order to ensure the most money is saved it is advised with Qmark hydronic electric baseboard heaters that you turn down the thermostat in rooms that arent being used and set thermostats to temperatures at the low end of the comfort range. This prevents excessive cooling at night or when no one is home. Also, always remember to follow the heating units maintenance instructions.

Reasons To Buy The Qmark Hydronic Electric Baseboard Heaters

There are many reasons you might consider buying the Qmark baseboard heaters. These include the exclusive heating element design, rounded ends, built in cable clamps, and the many accessories. Many homeowners choose the Qmark baseboard heaters because of the many different features.

The Element Design

Qmark baseboard heaters are very popular styles homeowners choose to use in their home. Many people enjoy the many features, the ease of installation, and much more. One of the many things people love about the qmark electric hydronic baseboard heaters is the exclusive heating element design. This design allows for total durability of a steel heater in a tubular style. The heat transfer is excellent and some models include aluminum fins. You can enjoy an excellent heat source when you use this type of heater in any space.

Built-in Cable Clamp

The Qmark heaters come with a built in cable clamp in each junction box. The built in cables eliminate a need for any additional hardware. It makes electric baseboard heater installation quick and simple. The incoming cables are restrained and you don’t have a mess of wires. There are also mounting holes in the back side of the cabinet, making installation even easier. This is not a difficult unit to install and it is one of the reasons homeowners choose qmark hydronic baseboard heaters. Wiring is often an issue when people are shopping for a baseboard heater.

Rounded Cornder Design

If you are like most people who have experienced scratching, stabbing, or slicing your leg on a baseboard heater, you might love the rounded corner design of the Qmark baseboard heaters. The Qmark baseboard hydronic electric heaters have rounded corners which mean you wont slice or cut your leg ever again when you run into it in the dark. People who have small children don’t have to worry so much about head or body injuries on toddlers falling into the heaters also. This is an excellent commercial heater because of the safety edges also. Companies don’t have to worry about liability issues of employees walking into the heaters and cutting themselves.

Its Accessories

You are also not limited to the design and the look of Qmark heaters when installing one in your home. The great thing about qmark hydronic baseboard heaters is that they come with more than 20 different accessories. You can add accessories to change the look of the heaters so they do not look like such an eye sore on your wall in a room. You can choose from stylish registers and you don’t have to worry about wiring being an issue also.

Qmark baseboard heaters are a popular choice among homeowners for many reasons. If you are looking for an alternative heating solution for your home, think about issues like safety, versatility, and ease of installation. The qmark has rounded edges to save you from injury when you walk into it, it is super simple to install, and there are tons of different accessories to choose from. This type of baseboard heater is an excellent choice for homeowners and in a business.

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