One of the most popular novels in the world that little prince
all ages are breathtaking is, no doubt,
The Little Prince. A lonely boy with a small planet
called B-612 who loved his red rose and carefully
looked after her. One day the boy decides to travel.
The story of his journey end many, too small planet
inhabited by strange people, busy with their jobs,
captivates every reader. Through his conversations
with the writer, you can learn many of the truths
and values of life.
One of the quotes that confirm this is definitely One sees well only with the heart. With the eyes , you can not see the essence.
The book was firstly intended for adults, but quickly became a kids favorite novel.
In this article, well show you how in a fun way, you can introduce the Little Prince to the kids.
Imprinting of the hand is for the kids easy, fun and important for the development of fine motor skills. This activity also exploring the tactile world and also develop coordination between hand and eye.

Material for work:

  • White cardstock paper
  • tempera
  • wax pastels
  • Ink in color
  • brush

Use wax crayon to draw the stars (planets) on the paper.
Then apply the ink in colors with sponge on the whole paper. The patterns on the egg remains the same, because the ink does not penetrate the wax pastels. Ink fills the gaps which further brighten childrens art work. If the color of the ink is too strong, you can dilute it with water.

Sky with a lots of starsdrawing with ink








The following is the part that kids love. Dip the palm in yellow tempera and print it on paper. This will represent the head of the Little Prince.

Imprinting of the palmimprint of the hand








Fingerprints will be hair. Use the wax crayon and pencil to draw a face, at the appropriate place.

eyes and mouth of little princeLittle princes face








Use brush and tempera to paint a clothes. You can use a pen to draw details.

Drawing a clothLittle pinces cloth








Cut out a bow from silver construction paper and attach it to the collar of the little prince.

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