Optimus H-6002 Mini Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater Review

Optimus H-6002 Mini is a small portable oil Filled radiator an electric heater designed to heat living spaces and offices. Sealed diathermic oil wont leak and also never needs to be refilled.

The portable electric heater offers 500 Watts of heating power and an automatic thermostat control. The metal body is built durable, and comes with a one year limited warranty.

Despite the cheap price I would not recommend buying this portable radiator, one year warranty just is too short on an electric heater, also isn’t suggesting a lot of confidence. Consumers also highlighted that the Optimus portable heaters room heating power just is not enough for rooms larger than a few square feet.


  • Sealed finish, the oil never needs refilling or replacing.
  • 500 Watts heating power output.
  • Automatic thermostat control.
  • Power indicator LED.
  • Heavy gauge sheet metal cabinet.

Customer Satisfaction Review:

The buyers of this portable oil radiator wanted just a basic electric heater. It’s a small sized compact heater so can’t expect high performance from it just doing the job it was designed to just fine: heating small spaces. An American buyer estimated the running costs of this heater at around 75c per day as it needs to be running the most of the time mainly because the small radiant area of this compact heater. It is more economical to use a larger oil radiator like the DeLonghi EW7707 which can save you more on the electric bills if used correctly, letting the timer and thermostat control the electric heater power consumption.

Most of the customers are using this portable electric heater to heat small spaces mostly closets or another perfect place for this oil radiator is under the work desk keeping the legs nice and warm.

Don’t try to use this portable heater for any spaces larger than that, you will be disappointed.

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