Mr Heater MH18B Portable Big Buddy Heater Review

The good old Mr. Heater had been evolved further, in the body of Big Buddy Heater. It’s not exactly an electric heater, but is one of the best selling market participant at the moment it definitely has achieved enough to be reviewed.

The Mr. Heater portable Big Buddy Heater abolishes all the safety concerns which arise while deciding about a gas heater. To counter these concerns, the Mr. Heater is featuring an oxygen sensor automatically turning the unit off before the carbon monoxide levels reach dangerous levels in the area where the portable heater is operated.

The heating power is just unbelievable 15,000BTUs, which can heat 400 square feet area for up to 220 hours on one tank of gas with low thermostat setting.

The Big Buddy heater is equipped with a blower fan, which can be powered from A/C adaptor or by 4 pieces of size D batteries.

Adjustable heat settings provides the right amount of heating power for the current needs.


  • Swivel regulators and single control.
  • Safety shutdown on low oxygen levels sensor.
  • Accidental tip-over safety portable heater shutdown.
  • Approved by the laws of state California.
  • Able to heat up to 400 square feet of area.
  • Battery or A/C powered heated air blower fan.
  • Built-in Piezo starter for easy starts.
  • Key-shaped mounting holes at the back of the heater for wall mounting.
  • Large four position knob for adjusting heat levels even with gloves.
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