Marble Magnets

This is a stylish art project that is cheap and easy to make. It produces a magnet that fun and is great to hang on any fridge. This is a perfect project for making family gifts for birthday or holidays.


  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Glass Pebbles 1” diameter works best
  • Small round magnets
  • Small hot glue gun
  • Design or image for magnet You can choose from many options for this. Suggestions are: magazines or newspaper clippings, wall or wrapping paper scraps, found papers, colored construction paper,
  • Fine tip markers
  • Scissors


  • Find an image. Look for and, or make a design utilizing the materials you have on hand. It needs to be slightly bigger then glass pebbles. When you find an image you like lay it flat side down and position it over the image you want. Use a marker trace around the pebble. If you want to draw a design trace around the pebble on a piece of color construction paper and then used the markers to draw on the circle. Be creative!
  • Cut it out. Cut out your design working carefully to cut just inside of the circle. This is probably the most challenging part of this project. Small children will defiantly need help cutting because of the small size. Lay the pebble on top of the cut circle and look for areas that might need trimming. You do not want to have any edges hanging over the edge of the pebble.
  • Glue it. Put a very thin layer of the tacky glue on the pebble and on the surface of the photo. Place the glues pieces together. Use your finger to press down firmly and smooth over to insure proper attachment. Wipe off any glue from around the edges. At first you will not be able to see your design. Don’t worry, the glue will dry clean! You can tell when the glue is dry when the image is clear. This could take any where from a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on the paper type. For thick papers, you might want to let it sit over night.
  • Attach the magnet. When the glue is dry plug in the hot glue gun. When it is ready to turn the pebble face down. Place a dot of hot glue to the middle of the pebble; it should be about the same size as the magnet. Being careful not to touch it, set the magnet into the hot glue. Remember, hot glue dries fast so this has to be done immediately after the glue goes down. This is a good step to help each other on. One person handles the hot glue and the other places the magnet. Of course adults should help younger kids with the hot glue or just do it for them. Older kids and teens should be able to use the hot glue themselves under supervision.
  • Hang it or wrap it up! As soon as the magnet has cooled, it is ready finished. Put it on the fridge or warp it up if the magnet is going to be a gift.

Marble Magnets

Materials include; assorted papers or found images. Show here is a card from a Mexican Loteria game.

Marble Magnets 2

To find the best placement, move the pebble around the image until you are happy with the images seen through the glass.

Marble Magnets 3

Finished examples using; drawn designs, newspaper and magazine images, and a game piece.

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