The Many Tiffany Lamps Designs

Tiffany lamps were first made in New York. The designer was Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was born in 1848 and he took the skills learned from his father, who was a fine jewelry to make his first models. Louis used discarded pieces of windows from his father fabric and began creating beautiful patterns for lamps.

Since that moment Louis called his lamps “Tiffany lamps”, which were hailed throughout America and Europe. A new level of decorative art began with Tiffany Lamps.

Currently, you can find Tiffany lamps everywhere around the world. Most of them are replicas from the originals, however some Tiffany can still be found in homes. It’s easily obtained replicas on Internet and specialty stores. The best of Tiffany lamps history is that the original molds were saved, and can be used to recreate Louis’ original designs.

Tiffany lamps, are unlike the most modern lamps, having lots of designs, colors and forms. If you are the designer of your own house, and want to add a different touch to any room, you can find almost every color and form that match perfectly in your room.

What Tiffany lamps style are you going for?

Are you looking for a table, floor or even hanging lamp? First of all, have clear in mind what kind of design, mood and tone are you looking for. No matter if is modern or classic, there is a Tiffany lamp for it. Whatever look you are going for, there is a right Tiffany lamp for you.

In the beginning, Tiffany lamps were created with a few models. When Tiffany’s became more and more popular throughout the world, much more patterns and designs arrived. Currently you can find almost any look: cooler deigns like tropical or bamboo shades, darker styles including dragonfly patterns as well as dramatic looks. Most typical lamps on lighting stores such as Flowers, animals, nature and eclectic, random patterns are many of the thematic designs that grace Tiffany lamps.

The master of lamps reproduction is Dale Tiffany lamps. He makes productions of museum piece Tiffany table lamps. He put attention in every exquisite detail. His craftsmanship and exactness to the original ancient designs are what make Dale Tiffany lamps an ideal and unique decorative accent ensured to give your living room that extra special touch of class. There are many lamp styles and collections. Amongst all collections, Tiffany reproductions and museum collection are the most awesome to see.

Traditional and Tiffany lamp reproductions

Dale Tiffany lamps reproduction of the best traditional tiffany designs, many inspired by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany. A diverse selection of floral, fish scale, hummingbird, dragonfly, fruit, peacock tail, mosaic, and geometric patterns are just a few of the amazing names of these lovely reproductions.

Museum lamps collection

These acclaimed pieces of art use the rare and exotic glass colors and textures that are found in the great auction houses. They can be found also in museums Museum collection Tiffany lamps capture the superb, designs and craftsmanship of World’s foremost designers.

We can obtain Dale Tiffany lamps from less money than above listed lamps.
Apart from auction houses lamps, there exists Dale Tiffany table lamp models such as:
• Sautoir
• Rakel Buffet
• Harvest
• Neville
• Lorelie
• Uberto
• Aldercy
• or a delightful Bromley clock.
It all depends on the budget, further, if we really want an extra touch of class on the living room, Dale Tiffany lamps should be there.

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