Often you don’t know how to make nice craft with children? We have a suggestion for you! Its a SIMPLE GIFT BOX.



Material for work simple gift box:

  • Shoe box
  • Grains of corn, beans, wheat
  • Glue (wood glue)
  • Scissors
  • Spray in silver or gold color

Method of preparation:

1 Cut the box from one side

gift box







2 Spread the glue on one side of the box and optionally attach grains.

gift box 2

3 When the glue has dried spray the silver or gold paint.

gift box 3

The required time for making boxes is 45 minutes. The box can be used as decoration depending on your imagination.

Here are some suggestions:

You can put in the box artificial grass and decorative flower.

gift box 4







The box can be a place to put your water lilies or the various ornaments on sticks-ladybugs, bees, mushrooms

gift box 5







This box can be used to make beautiful Easter flower arranging.

gift box 6







If you put it in a box of fir branches and various Christmas decorations, we get a beautiful Christmas arrangement.

gift box 7







The boxes can be cut in different ways and different embellishments.

This box on the picture is little more cropped. The autumn fruits are just sprayed with hairspray.

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