Development of kids imagination is one MAKE SHARK CAP
of the main tasks for every preschool teacher.
Imagination is very important for Children’s
understanding of the world. In their imagination,
children can identify themselves with people
from their surroundings, with the image of
an animal or favorite characters from the
story or cartoon.

If your child loves sea creatures sharks, for example, masking will put it in that role and will considered himself a dangerous predator. In addition, opportunity to make sharks cap will provide satisfaction to the children.

Material for work make shark cap :

  • light blue cardctockpaper
  • collage paper
  • scissors
  • adhesive paper

Use scissors to cut blue cardstock paper in the form of shark head, as shown in Fig.

parts of the shark cap







The first version of the paper cut-U-cut upper and lower jaw. Then attach them to a circle of red paper.

Another possibility is to cut each tooth individually. Preparation and bonding shark jaws will certainly be very interesting to the children, but also useful for the development of fine motor skills, patience and concentration.

For the finish, just glue sharks eyes and the adventure can begin.

cap from the front







Kids in your group will enjoy with shark cap.

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