finished greeting card for friendVery important thing is that kids love to make
itself a gift or greeting card for a friend.
Heres another creative idea which describe
how to spend quality time with the younger
children of preschool age. Of course, this
greeting card will be interesting even to
older children.



Material for work:

  • color paper in many colors
  • cardstock paper in many colors
  • scissors
  • glue

How to make greeting card for friend

Tear color paper in small irregular shapes, as shown. It is important to emphasize that tearing of the paper contributes to the development of fine motor hand (hand muscle development).

MATERIAL FOR WORKTearing of color paper

Bend cardstock paper into three equal parts. Make the hole in the central part of paper, which can be in round or oval shape. This will be a frame for greeting card. Dimensions of cardstock paper and frame are arbitrary.

Bending of cardstock paper

Next step is to glue fragmented pieces of color paper without a line to one of the sides of folded cardstock paper. On the central part of 3 parts of cardstock paper apply glue and then fold the page with a color paper over. When the glue dries, greeting card is finished.

glue the color paperApply the glue on cardstock paper

Another variant of greeting card is to work with pieces of the old magazine instead with pieces of color paper. Second variant you can see on the right side of the next picture.

make greeting card for friend

You saw that making greeting card for friends is a simple process and will provide a lot of enjoyment for kids.

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