Lamps Used as an Accessory for Reading

There are table lamps and table lamps. Such a huge selection is available in market and on internet, that it is possible to get bewildered if you are not sure of the requirements of a table lamp. A lamp is an accessory used for making sure that your eyes do not get the light from your lamp.

They are expected to give you a uniform light on your desk. The glare on the eyes has to be shielded by the lamp covering. During the day when the lamp is not lit, it should add to the d├ęcor of your room.


The height of table lamp is important consideration in selecting a table lamp. It should be such that the lamp casts a shadow on your shoulder when you are sitting near the table for reading.

Lamp hood

Lamp hood is important selection criterion in selection of table lamp. For an effective table lamp, the hood should spread the available light in a uniformly on table surface. The reflectors are out of question in contemporary table lamps as the very purpose of a table lamp as reading accessory is lost, if you have a reflector in your table lamp.

Style of Table Lamp

Contemporary Victorian lamp The style of lamp is what it makes contemporary of a period piece. On a Victorian table, you cannot have a table lamp that you can swing towards or away from you. So while selecting your table lamp, see the style of the table.

A contemporary table deserves a contemporary table lamp. If your table is made of stainless steel, you can have a sliding lamp that you slide forward or backward according to your requirement.

Some table lamps even have automatic arrangements to have a certain amount of light on your table under all conditions of other lighting in the room.

Artwork On Your Table Lamp

During the day, a table lamp is not lit. During the day, it can be a work of art. The style of lamp is an important consideration. Table lamps are available in many shades and styles. contemporary modern lamp matched style of the shade and the stand will increase the beauty of the lamp.

The Lamp Inside Table lamp

We have considered this as the last item since the choices here are limited by the geometry of the table lamp.
The lumens supplied by the lamp depend on the wattage of lamp. The lumens reaching the surface of table depend on many factors as reflectivity of room and other lighting in the room.
The requirement lumens for reading a book can be adjusted by changing the wattage of lamp until the person is satisfied.

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