Knowing Your Building Co-inhabitants – Should it Matter at All?

It should. Your neighbors and you share the building and lot of common facilities together. There is much more to assimilate when you choose community living in a posh residential enclave.

By their very nature apartment projects do not house just a single family but a multiple of families from diverse backgrounds.  Living in these apartment blocks means you get to share the good as well as the bad with other co-inhabitants.

While there are neighbours who will wish you the time of day and ensure they are following proper social norms, there are others who would hardly give you a nod leave alone a friendly smile. When you live in a building you might also have to live with loud music, banging doors, stomping feet and even verbal fights.

So, knowing your co-inhabitants is a good idea because you know who to interact with and who to avoid. When you are searching for new apartments, visit the potential site to know who else lives there. It can be another deciding factor to invest in the particular project.

Keeping neighbours informed is essential

Stand alone villas projects offer privacy and discreet neighbors.

Living is luxury villas in Bangalore  could save you a headache from door banging neighbors but the truth is you could still encounter a boorish neighbor who hates the fact that you have four dogs that insist on barking in unison each time the doorbell rings. Quieting them down could take a few minutes; but your neighbor is already scowling at you over the fence.

If you have such neighbours it is a good idea to keep them informed about any parties you would be having or if you are planning renovations to the villa? Let them know that you will not have loud music at the party. When you inform them about the renovations let them know you have the necessary permissions and for how long they can expect to hear the banging and hammering to get the alterations in place.

It is also a good idea to listen to their concerns about the noise or other aspects that could affect them as you could take those into consideration and make them happy.

Take the cue, make the change

Will neighbours help in emergencies or remain strangers? Community living calls for some emotional connect between co-habitants.

Whether you live in luxury apartments or in the more affordable housing the fact is that you will have different kinds of neighbours. Getting to know them through their everyday behaviour is your cue about which of them you can be friends with and who should be left alone.

Knowing what kind of co-inhabitants you have in your building matters. Only then will you know who to contact in case of an emergency, obviously the concerned helpful ones.

Sometimes you could be late at work but your children need to be inside in some safe place till then. It is your friendly neighbours you can depend on to take your children in. This is a crucial aspect in house hunting. Just checking apartment amenities and comfort is not sufficient. The need to be socially available is huge. In India, where people celebrate festivals together this aspect can be a game changer for many buyers.

A friendly neighbourhood increases safety

Yet not being overtly friendly is also not advisable. It can make one suspicious.

Reaching out to your neighbors is never a futile exercise because you learn their point of view and that leads to better understanding and good relationships where problems can be mutually resolved. Good neighbors not only look after their own property but keep a watchful eye on yours too especially if you are out at work or on vacation. They increase the safety of your family and the entire apartment block or street where your villa is located.

Just a friendly hello from you can give you a whole new neighbourhood family. This does not mean that you are best friends with all the people in your apartment building; but knowing them means you can approach them for help if required. Yes, remember you also need to return the favour.

A friendly tip: Avoid being too friendly as it can be misunderstood often. A healthy balance is to join for walks in common spaces and stick to privacy when it gets dark.

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