How To Install Baseboard Molding

Most instructions to install baseboard molding tell you how to cut corner joints and attach trim to the wall. However, they don’t tell you how to make your baseboard molding have a professional and stylish look. Here are a few tips that should help you. Consider three things with this project; buying materials, cutting, and prepping.

Having The Right Materials For Baseboard Molding

Before you begin a molding project, it is important to have the right materials.

Do you want wood, stone, or marble baseboard moldings?

Finding the right material for the job can be a bigger task than the job of installing the moldings. It is important to inspect the pieces you choose for any imperfections. Wood may have imperfections like knots, dents, uneven grain, and even twists and warps in the wood. Inspect the materials well before you purchase them. When choosing the material you want it is important to know how to cut baseboard molding out of it. If you choose marble, then be sure you have something you can use to cut it.

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