How To Stack Boxes Safely To Prevent Accidents

Safety is an important part of doing a job. This not only applies to your occupation but for the responsibilities that you must do around the house or with others at all times. Moving day is one of the most unsafe times in your house that you might experience. Safety not only applies to your physical wellness though. It also applies to your possessions so that they do not break, shatter, become damaged, or become even more dangerous.

How to Keep Safe During Moving

One of the best ways to keep your family and your items safe is learning how to stack boxes the right way in order to prevent all sorts of mishaps that can potentially occur. My recommendation is to choose professional Careful Hands Movers who know their job well and take care of your belongings during the moving.

A Few Steps

  • When you are stacking a box or container on top of another, there are a large number of factors that can cause that box or more to fall. Falling boxes are not only a danger to you, your family, your pets, or others in the house. They can damage and break the items within the box, or possibly the container itself. There are some simple tips that you should use to prevent this from happening.
  • The first thing to note is how you pack your box. You do not want to pack a box way too full to where it will not close. This disrupts the center of gravity on that box and makes stacking other boxes on top of it almost impossible to balance. If you stack anything on a box that is too tight, the box may also strain and collapse as well. Each box should be able to close well and not be too heavy to lift. Be especially careful with larger boxes to avoid injuries and seek help if you have trouble lifting a large box.
  • When you do need to stack, always stack the heavier boxes on the bottom and only stack lighter boxes as you are putting them on top of each other. A lightbox on the bottom of a bunch of other boxes will fall apart and possible damage the items within. There is also the possibility of those larger boxes slamming into something that you may not want it to slam into.

If you are stacking boxes in the house, remember to stack them in corners or out of the way spots and never place them in hallways or walkways. They create possible trip hazards if stacked in the way, and items in the way may make it harder to move larger items around the house. Always remember to practice safe stacking in order to avoid damages and possible injuries.

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