How To Clean Upholstery On Your Own

If you want to know how do you clean your own upholstery, it is very simple to do. The things you need to consider when you ask the question of how do you clean your own upholstery is vacuuming, removing stains, hiring someone, and cleaning on a regular basis.

How Do you Clean Your Own Upholstery?

Clean Your Upholstery Regularly

Upholstery cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis. It is not sufficient to clean you upholstery only once a year, because dirt and grime accumulates and makes it even tougher to get out. If you clean your upholstery on a regular basis, the job will be easy to do. This isn’t the same for cleaning leather upholstery, because leather is not your typical fabric that gets dirty like others do.

  • Vacuuming should be done once a week as part of a maintenance plan for your home. Always vacuum your home once a week.
  • Removing dirt and dust from your home weekly ensures it does not accumulate.
  • Always vacuum with an empty bag, because a full bag will just scatter dirt throughout the room.
  • Don’t vacuum around furniture and roll-out carpets.
  • Roll-out carpets accumulate a lot of dirt and dust.
  • Vacuum the roll-out carpeting and then move them out of the way so you can vacuum in their place.

So, Exactly How Do you Clean Your Own Upholstery?

  • You vacuum it. Many people are afraid to do this. Obviously you need to be careful with furniture and drapes. The first thing you need to do is ensure your vacuum is acceptable to use. You might own a professional vacuum designed for upholstery and carpeting both. These are ideal.
  • It is common when you look for equipment on how to clean upholstery to find vacuums as the best option. Vacuuming upholstery really only needs to be done on a monthly basis.
  • Always use the attachments that come with a vacuum on the furniture and in an up and down motion. Vacuum all of the surfaces.
  • The brush on a vacuum is not really a good attachment to use, because it is common to throw more dust around and defeat your cleaning endeavor.

Rotating Your Cushions

Another consideration when you are wondering how do you clean your own upholstery is the usage. If one person sits on your couch more than anyone else and he or she sits in the exact same spot every time, you may want to rotate your cushions. The couch probably has an indentation from that person sitting on the couch and there is probably more dirt in this area too. Rotate the cushions to maintain the shape of the couch and the best way to clean carpet and upholstery is with a vacuum. Don’t forget to clean underneath the cushions too.

Cleaning Services

If you want to know how do you clean your own upholstery, you can talk to a professional. There are many services out there that can come and do the job for you if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning leather upholstery or an expensive set of couches with upholstery cleaning machines. However, you can maintain your furniture and upholstery on your own by keeping a dust and dirt free area by vacuuming the room and the upholstery on a regular basis.

Gaining Access To Best Upholstery Cleaning Machines 

There are many ways you can gain access to upholstery cleaning machines. Many of the ways upholstery cleaning machines are accessible include through rental, purchase, and even by hiring a professional cleaning service.

The Professionals

  • A professional cleaning service uses upholstery cleaning machines to clean furniture and even carpeting.
  • Many people like to use a professional, because they don’t have the time to clean their furniture themselves.
  • The important factor and the biggest benefit of using a professional cleaner is that they know what they are doing and the best way to clean carpet and upholstery.
  • You don’t want to make any attempt to get stains out or clean furniture and carpeting if you do not know how to properly do it.
  • A professional has the right equipment and they know which solutions work best for which surfaces. Buying something at the local store can be tasking, because the market is saturated with cleaning supplies.
  • If you have high dollar furniture and carpeting it is best to leave the cleaning to a professional.

You can obtain cleaning machines at retail stores if you want to buy one for use at home. Some people like to purchase the best upholstery cleaning machines used because they can find the machines at a much better and more affordable price. Always be sure that you comparison shop when you are shopping for new or used auto carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. Read the reviews on all of the machines. You might find a portable cleaner is exactly what you need. Customer reviews will help you stay away from the poor models that do more destruction to your furniture and carpeting than cleaning. A customer review is always from someone who has actually used the model so you can get a helpful and honest opinion.

Clean Upholstery

Where To Find Upholstery Cleaning Machines

There are many places where you can find cleaning machines as a rental option if you don’t want to buy one.

  • The rental option is the best decision if you decide you don’t have the money to spend to buy auto carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment.
  • You might have a special occasion coming and want the place super clean or you might have even had a flood in your home.
  • The best upholstery cleaning machines will tackle tough stains and remove water to minimize water damage.
  • Renting equipment is more feasible for most people who find they only need to use it once or twice a year.

Upholstery cleaning machines are accessible to anyone who needs to use them. Many people think they are limited to hiring a professional because they seem like a rare item to purchase. You can find affordable cleaning machines if you would like to own one for your home. However, it is usually best if you hire a professional to bring a portable machine to your home and perform the work for you. This will ensure quality and no problems. If you do feel comfortable using this type of equipment, you can find it available for rent in many upholstery cleaning locations around town.

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