How to Choose a Contractor?

If you plan on doing some renovations around your home and you need a contractor to get the job done, no doubt you’re going to need a good contractor that can do the job right. Whether you are planning to remodel the kitchen, bathroom, adding on to your home, or even just adding a nice deck you need to take the time to do your research before you pick out a contractor. If you don’t pick out a quality contractor, you may end up having to pay to have the job done again the right way. So, here are some top tips to help you choose a quality contractor the first time.

Tip #1

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations – First of all, when you are trying to choose a quality contractor to do renovations around your home, you may want to consider asking friends and family members for recommendations. No doubt you know several people who have had renovations recently and they may be able to give you some great recommendations to consider.

Tip #2

Check Out the License and Insurance – It’s very important that you check out the license and insurance of any contractor that you are considering. Make sure that you check with the local Contractors Licensing Board to make sure that the contractor is certified and that he has insurance as well. If the contractor is a reputable one, he should be able to provide you with documents that show his liability insurance, workers comp status, and his certification as a contractor. In the event that the contractor cannot show you these documents, then you’ll want to avoid doing business with them.

Tip #3

Get References – Before you have a contractor begin working for you, you should get several different references from the contractor and then you should take the time to call them. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions about the contractor and how he performed, such as if he stuck to the price of the estimate and how he cleaned up the home when he was working.

Tip #4

Investigate with the Better Business Bureau – The Better Business Bureau can be a great reference to consider and check with when you are working to choose a quality contractor. You can check with the Better Business Bureau and you’ll be able to find out if people in the past have filed complaints against this contractor. While it’s not unusual for a complaint to be filed from time to time, if the contractor has several complaints against him, it may be a sign that you need to consider a different contractor for the remodeling job that you want done.

Tip #5

Get a Written Estimate – You should also be sure to get a written estimate when you are considering a contractor for your remodeling job. If the contractor does not or is not willing to provide you with an estimate that is in writing, then you need to instantly forget about using them. To find a good contractor, getting several estimates on the job is a great idea. Then take a look at the estimates from different contractors and compare the prices and all that they are including in the estimate. Go with the best deal, which will not always be the lowest price.

Keeping these tips in mind can definitely help you to make sure that you pick out the best contractor for your needs. The last thing you want is a bad experience and a remodeling job that needs to be done all over again. So, make sure that you use these tips when choosing a contractor for your needs.

The following are several great resources that can be a huge help to you in your search for the best contractor for the job.

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