How To Buy A Water Heater

The water heater is one of the vital home appliances every household needs to fight against the cold.

The best way to decide on a tankless water heater model is to first identify your hot water requirement and then match it against the various options available in the market. Knowing the various features that play an important role in the usability of the heating unit is vital to make a good purchase decision.  There are various factors that play a major role in deciding upon the most suitable unit. Such factors include the number of people in your household, space availability to install the appliance, etc. Following are a few features a buyer must look out for before buying a water heater:

Size & shape: This is important because you wouldn’t like a cluttered wash area. It is advisable to assess the available space in the area and the color of tiles nearby so that you can pick a water heater that looks good when installed. When it comes to size, however, you must not lose sight of your requirement of hot water. More on the type of tankless water heaters is discussed in following paragraphs.

Auto switch-off feature: This feature ensures ease and safety while using a water heater. It helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps in saving the energy as it switches off the power consumption when not in use. That means, it automatically switches off, even when you forget to disconnect the heating unit. Secondly, it keeps a check on accidental damage by keeping the water heater from burning out.

After sales service: Checking out on after sales service is a must if you want a peaceful experience with your water heater. It is a distinguishing factor for brands. Given that water heater is an important and a sensitive appliance, it must not be handled by anyone but the product experts, whenever needed. Choosing to buy from a brand that is good at providing after sales service will help you maintain your tankless water heater in good shape for long.

Energy consumption: Energy consumption of a water heater has a direct impact on operational costs of the appliance. Therefore, checking out the energy efficiency rating of a unit becomes an important factor.  While most of the buyers look out majorly for the power of the appliance, energy efficiency should not be ignored. Your ideal buy should, therefore, heat water quickly without compromising on energy efficiency.

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Types of Geyser

There are two types of geysers available in the market (the most basic ones). Both of them are discussed below with their sets of advantages and disadvantages. A careful consideration of these types certainly helps in buying the right fit for your household:

  1. Tank-type Water Heater


  • Pricing – reasonable
  • Power consumption – low
  • Power circuits – adaptable


  • Pattern of energy consumption – maintains the tank temperature by consuming energy at periodically
  • Creates Larger footprint than a tank-less water heater
  • Hot water supply – limited
  1. Tank-less Water heater


  • Energy consumption – only when in use
  • Carbon footprint – smaller footprint than tank-type water heaters
  • Takes lesser wall space
  • Hot water supply – uninterrupted
  • Accidental damage due to tank – none


  • Pricing – higher than tank geysers
  • Power consumption – higher than tank geysers

Keep your home warm and cozy by investing in the right kind of water heater. Considering the above-mentioned points in mind will help you identify and buy the most appropriate tankless water heater. To keep your water heater in good condition, remember to empty out the tanks at least once in a year.

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