How Chinese Coins Bring You Luck

Chinese coins are popular and well known Feng Shui wealth cures. Many people place Chinese coins in their home to bring fortune through their door, but not many people know why they are so lucky. Here I share with you why Chinese coins are so auspicious and how they should be placed in your home to ensure luck and abundance fill your life.

Chinese coins are easily recognisable from other coins because of their unusual design. Like most coins they are circular and made out of metal but there the similarity ends. Unlike other coins Chinese coins have a small square hole in the centre and a design of four characters on one side and two characters on the other. This makes them very different from any other coins you will see.

The design and shape of a Chinese coin is no accident and very symbolic. The circular shape represents heaven luck while the square hole in the centre represents the earth. The symbols on each side of the coin represent yin and yang, the two opposite forces in the universe which work together in a cycle to keep the universe both balanced and infinite. Symbolic of heaven, earth and the never ending cycle of the universe it is no wonder that a Chinese coin is such a powerful and auspicious good luck charm.

Before rushing out to buy Chinese coins to place in your home though it is important to consider where they are going to be placed. The most obvious place is in the wealth area of the home as being coins they represent money and therefore wealth. This is the most common use of Chinese coins that I have seen in Feng Shui but placed here they can sometimes do more harm than good. Chinese coins that have been placed to bring wealth and abundance in to the home can often have the opposite effect, destroying or harming the flow of wealth in to the home. Look at the picture of the Chinese coin above again and you will see why.

Chinese coins are circular with a square hole in the centre. In the cycle of elements a circular shape represents metal and in a Chinese coin this element is further strengthened by the fact that the coin is made out of metal. The squareness of the hole represents earth which in the cycle of elements supports and strengthens metal. Put together this means that a Chinese coins is filled with very strong metal energy.

Now think of where in your home the wealth area is situated. In the south east area of the home the wealth area takes its energy in the cycle of elements from wood. Wood can be destroyed by metal which means that by placing metal coins in the wealth area rather than strengthening the flow of wealth in to your home you can actually destroy it.

Im not saying that Chinese coins should not be placed in the wealth area of your home. After all they are a wealth cure. What I am saying is that you should place them there very carefully. The best place to site Chinese coins in the wealth area of your home is in the west or north west sectors of these rooms as these are the areas that take their energy from metal. You should also ensure that you balance the additional metal energy you have brought in to the area, by for example placing the metal coins in a wooden box or hanging them in a vertical strand of three or five coins so that they represent a column, an excellent shape for the wealth area.

If you are worried about placing them in the wealth area of your home there are alternatives. A good area to place Chinese coins is just inside your front door as this shows that you are ready to welcome money in to your home. There are exceptions to this. Do not place coins here if your front door faces east or south east as your home receives wood energy through the door in these cases and does not want to be confronted by strong metal elements before it has chance to enter your home.

To my mind though the best place to site Chinese coins is in the centre of your home. Representing heaven, earth and the cycle of the universe there is nothing better than to place these incredibly auspicious, good luck charms in what is the centre of your own personal space. Hung here on a red ribbon they help to balance the entire home and radiate luck and good fortune to every area of the house.

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