Honeywell HZ-709 7 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Heater Review

The durable finish in rust-free steel portable radiator body. Honeywell HZ 709 oil radiator is an electric heater supporting 3 heat settings this way providing energy efficient portable heating and the thermostat makes sure the defined room heat temperature is maintained by the electric heater.

Mounted with a digital display which clearly displays the electric heaters settings and the radiator controlling buttons are back-lit to provide visibility in dark rooms.

Transportation of this electric heater from room to room made even easier by the easy-glide casters at the bottom.

The customers reported great success heating up large rooms with this portable radiator heaters from Honeywell.

This oil radiator electric heater is backed by a 5-year limited warranty which makes it a safe choice as a portable electric heater.


  • Thermostat maintains desired temperature.
  • Timer Function for 1-12 Hour run time.
  • Safe, durable steel rust-free enamel finish welded by machines to guarantee leak-free operation.
  • Three heat settings for energy efficiency.

Customer reviews:

The portable radiator arrives with a solid Styrofoam wrapped around the appliance inside a heavy duty cardboard box. No surprise it unscratched. The box also includes four plastic casters, two u-bolts, the owner’s manual and the warranty card. As mentioned above mounting of the casters is an easy tool-free job, anyone can do it. The instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Same straight forward simplicity is greeting us back when starting to operate the electric heater. The digital settings are easy to adjust.

Possibility to choose from three power levels, which means 600 Watts, 900 Watts and 1500 Watts of power on low, medium and high heating settings.

Nice touch is the ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit units within the first few seconds after power on.

This Honeywell HZ 709 portable oil radiator was reported to heat up a 700 square feet (2626) bed bedroom all by itself and kept it warm at 72 degrees.

On the highest heating setting this Honeywell HZ-709 electric heater running 12 hour a day costs roughly 16c a day in average US kilowatt-hour electricity prices, which means $10.80 for a month.

Might be a good alternative to central heating.

The buyers who dealt with the customer service reported them being very helpful and responsive. Also the 3 years warranty is exceptional among electric heaters and portable radiators.

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