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Home Remodeling Today

Home remodeling as an activity, with its associated industry, has been fully expanded over the years. Being up to date with what it entails and what the industry offers is essential. Renovating and remodeling have formed a part of the essence of living and has become a source of inspiration as well as imagination for countless home owners.

Remodeling your home is a perfect way of changing your lifestyle and can be of great value to you and your family. The benefits when selling your home can be substantial, provided that you have a good understanding of what the market prefers when you start your make-over project.

Finding a home that will satisfy your needs in every possible way is near impossible. Thus, embarking on a home remodeling project will create the desired result. In addition it will also increase the value of your home. Home remodeling offers you the opportunity to build the house you want, the way you want it with less stress than embarking on a completely new construction project.

Better Home Guide offers you the necessary information in creating your desired lifestyle and assists you in transforming your home into a perfect paradise.

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Home Renovation In Five Easy Steps

No matter who you are, if you own a home, at some point in your life you are going to do some home renovation. It’s an exciting time as you visualize what your new bathroom will look like and the new small bath you will soak yourself into. However, you have some work to do and some questions to ask before embarking on your home renovation.

 Step #1 Make a list of reputable contractors. Ask friends of yours who have done renovations for the names of people they can recommend. Ask if you can see what they had done in the bathroom and check that tiles have properly been laid down on the floor, that the plumbing is working as it should, and that the finishes are good. Some fly-by-night contractors don’t sand the walls down first and paint right over the grime – or they can lay the pipes for the plumbing, but not patch the wall back up properly and the finish is bumpy. Make sure the contractor in charge of the workers understand exactly what you say. Tell your painter to save you some paint in the cans for touch-ups.

 Step #2 Get a file or binder for all your paperwork to do with the renovation. Keep the names of the electrician, plumber, painter, tiler, draughtsman; all on different pages. Make them sign when you pay them, and list the date. Most contractors get paid in cash by the owner as it is easy to pay to the workers. Write down all these people’s individual numbers so that you can call them if there’s a problem relating to their work. Of course, you already have the contractor’s number, and he should be called first.

 Step #3 – Work out how you are going to arrange your furniture in the rooms and tell your electrician exactly where you want the outlets and jacks to be. Also tell your plumber or contractor to call the local utility locator service to come out and mark the underground utilities before he digs into the ground. This will prevent accidental damage to existing services. Remember that the modern home is a connected home so do not forget to plan your audio-visual, cable and internet connections. If you entertain outside and plan to install the best outdoor speakers or outdoor TV you can afford on your patio or around the pool then plan your electrical connections accordingly.

 Step #4 Stick to your payment policy of only once a week or you will have workers asking you for some of their money during the middle of the week. Make sure your contractor understands this as contractors themselves will come to you for money before it is due. It is understandable if a kitchen renovation requires a lot of wood and the contractor needs more money before he can begin his carpentry job, but make sure you go with to all these lumber companies and hardware companies to see exactly what toilet, basin, or wood you are buying, and keep the receipts.

 Step #5 Are you replacing an old geyser? Is there a leaky pipe? An old home remodeling tip is to maximize resale value by spending your money ‘where the water is’. This means paying particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom. When a woman renovates or decide to buy a new house, all the rooms are of importance, but the kitchen where she prepares her food, and the bathroom which is private, will be of utmost importance.

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