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Cutting Logs At Home – What a Hassle!

Wouldn’t it be great – and much safer – if you could cut your logs for your wood burning quickly, easily and safely? No more kneeling on a bench and slipping, having those nearer misses – or building something hap-hazard and risking serious injury. Well, now a solution is at hand – and a cheap solution at that. You could do worse than trying a new product called Timber Teeth – possibly the best thing to happen to log cutting at home – and DIY generally for that matter.

Cut Those Logs More Safely!

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It’s much a dangerous business, cutting logs at home, especially when you’re balancing and making do with some flimsy contraption or balancing against a fence – one slip with a saw and it doesn’t bear thinking about – let alone a chain saw…

For the best gas chainsaw I must recommend Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch. The Rancher 455 is a powerful chainsaw that starts and runs very well. I have owned 3 cheap chain saws before buying this one and consider it a professional grade saw. Keeping the blade sharp is a must.

I purchased a cordless dremmel tool with a bit that fits the chain to allow for a quick tune-up to keep the chain teeth sharp. I have found that if you get a 18″ bar and chain the saw works even better.

The first year I took down eight 100+ foot tall long leaf pine trees on my property with no issues. Second and third year I used it for cutting fireplace wood. Still no issues. From the factory it is set up slightly lean but I have had no issues with over heating thus far.

If you’re looking for a powerful saw, the Husqvarna 455 fits the bill! Don’t forget to buy a sharpener for this machine as well . Nowadays lot of options are available. For easy choosing you may read this best chainsaw sharpener reviews article.

What is needed is a strong, robust, secure system you can use – quickly and easily – to get the log cutting job done. Timber Teeth is just such an invention. Working in conjunction with a B&D Workmate, Timber teeth instantly gives a strong, secure cutting base for logs large and small. Timber Teeth is instantly adjustable to allow logs of varying lengths to be cut quickly and easily.


The steel construction of Timber Teeth means it’s more than up to the job. With a weight loading of 50kg+ this is one sawing support that can handle hard work. Slim in it’s design, Timber Teeth will take no room to store. But Because it’s so useful for cutting joinery timbers too, you might be tempted to keep Timber Teeth in your Workmate permanently!

No Need To Buy An Expensive And Inferior Saw-Horse

The trouble with conventional saw-horses is that they’re generally only good for one purpose and some of them aren’t particularly well designed or made – you’ll need to pay upwards of $100 to get a strong, good quality saw-horse – Whereas Timber Teeth only costs $26 – bit of a bargain.

Another strong point for Timber Teeth are the angled ‘Teeth’ in the design – they’re not just been designed at only old measurements, they’re specifically designed to fit popular joinery timber sizes as well – genius! So, when you need to do some DIY or home improvement, and it involved cutting some timber sections, Timber Teeth will make that much safer and simple too.

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