greeting card with happy bubblesHeres an interesting proposal for making Look on the finished greeting card makes with method of imprinting bottom of marker
greeting cards with younger age children.
This activity with kids is excellent when
you are working with a group in which is
a large number of children. This craft is
easy to make, all you need are just
regular markers.


How to make greeting card

Material for work:

  • cardstock paper in color
  • white tempera
  • glue
  • marker

If you don’t have material for work, check our material for work recommendations for purchase.



Fold cardstock paper into three equal parts. In the middle place of paper make the hole which, except as shown, can be round or oval shape. This will be greeting cards frame. Dimensions of the cardstock paper and hole are arbitrary. Dip bottom of marker in tempera and set sail without a line to one of the sides of folded cardstock paper.

Imprinting of little circleslittle circles on greeting card








In the central part (side with hole) apply glue and fold colorful side over it. When the glue dries, greeting card is over.

finished greeting card

Another variant of greeting cards is that instead of the bottom of the marker use stellate shape for imprinting on the cover of greeting card.

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