GREETING CARD WITH AUTUMN SEEDSIn kindergardens and schools, November is full Craft for kids with autumn seeds of various events. With children you could talk
about the basic characteristics of autumn.
It is a season in which almost all plants grown
by man bear the fruit. It is also opportunity
to organize various events in honor of fall.
For this occasion, we suggest making events
invitations suitable for work in larger
groups of children. They will be made from various
grains and seeds that can be found in every household.

How to make greeting card with autumn seeds

The material for the work:

  • various types of autumn grains and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, corn, pop corn, pepper )
  • cardstock paper
  • glue

Autumn seeds for greeting card craftmaterial for work1

To get the flower, you first need to stick pumpkin seeds in a circle. Then stick in another circuit, as shown.

Circle of seedsThe inner circle of seeds

Inside of the circle you should fill with grains of pepper


Combining the grains and seeds, children can make a variety of beautiful and interesting pictures. It is important that this crafts are simple to create and that children enjoy making their own combinations.

Autumn seeds optionsAutumn seeds options

Of course, kids can create countless combinations with the autumn seeds.

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