For a kind word and a nice gift crystals is always the right time. gift crystals
Today, we present new craft idea for a gift to surprise
your mom, grandma, aunt, or another loved one.
Make wonderful gift from a box of matches.
You can realize this craft with 5 year old (or older) kids.

Material for work Gift Crystals:

  • matchbox
  • crystals
  • brush
  • transparent glue for wood

The procedure is very simple.
Interesting crystals of various shapes and sizes can be found in many hobby stores.
Paint both parts of matchboxes from all sides with watercolors.


painted box






The next step is to paint boxes. For working with children is ideal transparent glue for wood, because it is odorless. For washing of the arms and the packaging is enough warm water and soap.
This adhesive is a liquid and it is white, but when it dries it becomes translucent and shiny. Drying is very short, and the box will no longer be sticky to the touch.
Painting of the side that will be decorated left for next step.

glue on the box painted box1






When the whole box  is dry and bright, move on to decorating. Apply glue with brush evenly to the remaining side of the box and immediately stack crystals.

finished gift box kids are making gift box






You can make the envelope with construction paper and write a message inside.

3 little envelopes little envelope






Insert the surprise(for example-piece of chocolate) in a box and wrap you want. Our suggestion is to use ordinary cellophane for jars, which will be connected with decorative ribbon.

packed gifts


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