Fun And Fulfillment In Knitting Hats For Charity

If you don’t believe that contributing to charity can be, not only fulfilling, but fun, then you need to try knitting hats for charity. If you’re a knitter, you’ll find this not only to be soul-satisfying, but you’ll have a blast getting together with friends for such a worthwhile cause or even doing it in the privacy of your home as a way to relax.

Getting Started With Knitting For Charity

But how exactly do you get started in knitting for charity? There are two main things you’ll need and one optional element which will help you enjoy it more. The two necessities: You need your yarn and you need a cause to which to contribute the products that you create. The optional but enjoyable element: a group to share the experience with. If you run out of ideas make sure to purchase a creative knitting magazine.

Let’s start with the types of places that would appreciate receiving your quality knitted products. These include

  • non-profit organizations
  • children hospitals
  • missions programs
  • organizations that contribute to relief programs overseas.

Well mention some of these in more detail later.

Knitting For Charity Supplies

So where do you get your supplies? If you and your group plan to knit for charity, you’ll be surprised at how many places would love to help you. Some will even contribute yarn for free. As you’re trying to find these places, though, it’s probably best to steer clear of the chain hobby and craft stores. Many people have thought they would get a lot of help from these major craft players, only to find that they received, at most, a 10%-off coupon (which is available to anyone who asks).

Local Yarn Shops

Instead, consider tracking down local yarn shops. There probably won’t be that many within a few miles of you, so you might need to do an Internet shop to see where the closest ones are. If they’re too many miles away, call or send an email first to see how receptive they would be to helping you out. This way, you only make the trip to the stores that have committed to making a donation. Be sure to write a letter of thanks to any who helps you.

There are also a few crafting forums who will make yarn donations. Again, do an online search for knitting forums and post your intended project as well as your need for assistance.

And, are you worried that nobody will want your knitted items? How wrong you are! A simple Yahoo search yielded dozens of places that would love to receive your crafts, including:

  • Afghans for Afghans, a humanitarian project that sends blankets and garments to the needy in Afghanistan
  • Blankets for Deployed Daddies, which of course, sends blankets to our military fathers overseas after their wives have a baby (blankets are designed to retain the daddys scent, allowing the newborn to bond with him)
  • Caps for a Cure, which receives knitted caps for chemotherapy patients
  • Cornerstone Crafters, which makes items for infants at Children Hospital in Columbus
  • Halfknits, which donates to charities around the world
  • Hats for the Homeless, which of course accepts knitted hats for homeless men and women, and many more organizations.
  • There are also bazaars where you can take your works of knitted art; school projects that take up collections for the needy; and more.

Whether you’re interested in knitting hats for charity, knitting mittens for charity, knitting blankets for charity, or something else, you’ll find someone who is interested in your talents. Knitting for charity just might be one of the finest things you’ve ever done.

Looking At Creative Knitting Magazine And Other Top Knitting Magazines 

If you walk into someone’s home and see a few copies of creative knitting magazine lying around, you know one thing instantly: This is a woman who takes the hobby, the craft, even the passion of knitting seriously. And fortunately, for the knitting expert or soon-to-be expert, there are a number of good resources available in magazine form.

Historical Facts About Creative Knitting Magazine

First, an interesting historical fact: The British government, during the Industrial Revolution, published a small booklet entitled Make Do and Mend. This booklet supplied knitting patterns for making sweaters and gloves for both the Army and Navy. That era marked a point that has forever changed knitting, for since then, it has been perceived with much more gravitas. Since those days, knitting has undergone great changes, however. Fortunately, today’s many knitting magazines, including digital versions of some, can help you keep abreast of the modern world of knitting and you can even start knitting for charity

  • One of the leaders in this field is Creative Knitting Magazine (
  • Creative Knitting offers both a print version as well as a nicely done digital version that you can access for free (and where you can also order back issues).
  • The magazine is big, bold, beautiful and inspiring.
  • The practical instruction which it offers is clear and concise. It fits easily into your busy lifestyle, and boasts many great-looking projects in every issue.

To give you a hint of what’s inside a typical issue of Creative Knitting, one recent issue had numerous free patterns, instructions for knitting

  • a fun checkered sweater
  • a stylish button top
  • a bright cardigan
  • an all-seasons wrap
  • a babys blanket made to accommodate a babys car seats safety harness
  • a breezy womans V-neck sweater for summer
  • and an amazing stash-buster tote.

 Other Knitting Resources

Knitting Resources

Simply Knitting Magazine

Simply Knitting Magazine is another resource that you should find informative and enjoyable. Its published 13 times a year, and as with Creative Knitting, you may subscribe online. Their website is They have a big focus on shows, displays, competitions, and other similar events for the serious knitter.

Vogue Knitting Magazine

You might also appreciate Vogue Knitting Magazine. They publish just four times a year, but they are four quality issues, packed with information and wonderful illustrations. They give an amazing number of patterns and other helpful information. Their website, where you may see a few of their articles as well as a form for subscribing, is at

Knitting Now

Another good magazine is Knitting Now, which publishes three issues a year and is best known for offering technical support for knitters.

Knitting Universe

Knitting Universe publishes four times a year and offers its own patterns and knitting techniques.

La Grossa

Finally, La Grossa is a knitting magazine published by highly regarded European yarn company. It publishes seven issues a year plus has an online magazine. Of these three, only Lana Grossa has a website, located at

New magazines for knitters pop up regularly, so feel free to do your own Google or Yahoo search on knitting publications to see what’s currently available. You’ll find much information, news, articles, tips, hints and techniques. Pick up a copy. But please save a copy of Creative Knitting Magazine for us.

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