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Pictures are great enhancements or cures in Feng Shui as a number of different things can be symbolized in one painting. Visualize for one moment a painting of an old town perched on a hill with the rising sun behind it. The buildings, perched on the top of the hill and clinging to the hillside are painted in shades of browns and yellows and rusty reds. The sun a big ball of flame covers the town and the hillside. No doubt you will all have conjured up slightly different images, perhaps in your painting there are two people holding hands walking towards the town, or a farmer working the land below the hill. The town, or at least the town in the picture I have in my mind, looks idyllic and I think probably in Italy, although why that thought should have suddenly entered my head I am not sure. But where would I hang such a picture in my house?

For me the picture in my mind is full of fire and earth and would therefore be placed either in the fame and self esteem or relationship area of the home. For me the hill and the sun are excellent representations of fire, the sun made of fire and the hill being in the shape of a triangle. The fire theme is further enhanced by the colours of the buildings which are browns, reds and yellows. Earth is represented by the land, especially if there is agriculture on the land and the square rectangular shapes of the buildings clinging to the hillside. Again the colours in the painting are in shades of yellows and browns which further enhance the earthy qualities of the painting. This painting or any painting like it, would strengthen the chi in the south and south west areas of your home and make a stunning enhancement to any room in this area.

My thoughts turned this week towards paintings as I bought a painting yesterday. I hadnt planned to buy a painting when I set out yesterday morning, in fact nothing was further from my mind but some things are just meant to be and this particular painting was certainly meant to hang in our living room. I am doing a lot of work in the UK at the moment and so have based myself in West London for a few months. Just around the corner from the studio that I am renting is Old Brompton Road, a bustling thoroughfare of restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and bars. It is actually a lovely area in which to be based although after the peace and tranquility of South West France the noise is just unbelievable.

A few shops down from the block of flats where I am staying is a picture framing centre which also sells a few pictures. I dont normally pay much attention to the contents of this shop, Ive normally got my eyes fixed firmly on the cars at the traffic lights to see if I can cross the road, but for some reason yesterday morning I glanced in the window and saw the most fantastic picture hanging near the door. It literally stopped me in my tracks. The picture showed two lines of trees on a hill in the background and in the foreground a ploughed field. The hill and the trees were painted in red and the ploughlines were faint lines of turquoise. For me the symbolism was immediately obvious, this picture to me with the red and the turquoise, and the trees representing wood signified wealth and with a new roof to pay for at Le Plantis more money is something we certainly need to attract.

The shop had a sale on, which piqued my interest even more, but even with the sale reduction this was still quite an expensive painting. Im not talking the price of a Van Gogh but certainly more than a fortnights food shopping. I stood there in front of the shop for a few moments of indecision and then walked on telling myself that I really couldnt justify the cost. But I couldnt get the picture out of my head. The symbolism was so clear and more importantly, and this is a very important point if you are going to hang a painting in your own home, I really loved the picture. Could I however justify paying so much for a picture when we have so many other things we need to buy?

I was training most of the day but every so often my thoughts would turn to this painting and by mid afternoon I had decided that I was going to buy the picture. Sometimes you have to just trust that things will work out.

When I had finished the training session I hurried back to the shop to discover there was a space on the wall where the picture had been that morning. I cannot describe the feeling of disappointment I felt that my picture, for it felt like my picture, had been sold. I must have stood there for a full minute staring at the gap on the wall. But as I turned away I noticed that the picture had been moved to a space in the window and was sporting a very large, very bright sticker saying Final Sale Reduction. It had been reduced even further and I then knew with the utmost certainty that it was meant to be.

The picture is currently under the table in the studio, not a great place admittedly but I am a bit squashed for space and it will very soon be hung in the wealth corner of our living room in France. I cannot wait for it to be placed there because it really is a beautiful picture, and we really do need a new roof.

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