Feng Shui Wealth How To Attract Money Through Your Door

This week I delivered a presentation on Feng Shui Cures to a group of ladies in Essex. When I am asked to talk specifically about cures I always spend half an hour at the beginning giving a basic introduction to feng shui as it is important that everyone understands the context in which I am talking. In most instances people do not need to implement cures, they need to realign and balance the energy in their home and with just a few minor adjustments people can achieve very positive life enhancements.

On this particular evening the group, who all knew each other, were very lively and very participative. It is lovely when I get a group like that, a group that are really interested in making changes to their homes and their lives and ask loads of questions. I never mind how long the session takes and am much more focused on everybody having a great time and learning how they can use Feng Shui rather than on keeping my eyes on the clock. It therefore took quite a while to get round to the actual, or as some would say, critical part of this particular presentation Feng Shui cures. As always there were really only two particular types of cures that people were interested in, wealth cures and relationship cures and so the majority of the remaining time in the session was spent on these. I find people are always fascinated by wealth cures and cannot wait to try them out. I therefore thought this week in the blog I would share my three favorite wealth cures with you.

My favorite wealth cures

The Box Cure

Place a small wooden box in a visible area in the wealth area of your home, a windowsill or shelf is ideal. The box should be rectangular in shape and decorative enough to be visually appealing as once placed in position it should not be moved. Inside the box place a small amount of paper money, then close the lid and visualize money entering the home. It is very important that the money, once placed in the box is not removed.

There are many types of decorative boxes available on the market from a wide range of stockists. I have two such boxes in my own home, one in the wealth area of the house and one in the wealth area of the living room. Both these boxes incorporate the wealth colors of turquoise and red and both have patterns that symbolize the number eight, the number that signifies money in Chinese, one having a pattern of 8 leaves and one having an octagon shape on the lid.

The Bamboo Cure

Place 8 bamboo stalks in a tall rectangular shaped glass vase, one with corners as opposed to a tubular or curved shape. Then place the vase in a prominent position in the wealth area of your home, or of a particular room, placing the vase on a piece of red material 9 inches by 9 inches. Bamboo is an all purpose cure symbolizing a strong future so placing 8 stalks in the wealth area is representative of a strong financial future

The Aquarium Cure

If you go in to many chinese businesses you will often find an aquarium of fish situated just inside the entrance. In Feng Shui both water and fish are seen as a way of increasing prosperity and there are two interpretations of this cure that I am going to share with you.

The first one is to site an aquarium in the wealth area of your home. Ideally you should place eight goldfish in the aquarium as the number eight symbolizes money and gold represents value and wealth. Some teachers and consultants encourage you to add a further fish of a different color, normally black, as this then brings the number of fish to nine and many people consider 9 the best number in Feng Shui.

The second interpretation of this cure is to place the aquarium in the entrance way of your home as this means that wealth is attracted through the front door. Personally I would only encourage this particular siting if the front door faces North as it represents and supports the water element of this area of the home.

Whichever interpretation you take it is important that you keep the fish well nourished, regularly change the water and immediately replace any fish that dies.

I hope that you have found this blog post useful and if you want to introduce more money in to your home choose to implement one of these cures. I wish you every success

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