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I thought that I would focus my first few posts of 2013 looking at some of the challenges that people face when trying to incorporate Feng Shui principles in their home. This week I focus on the placement of mirrors in the bedroom and look at how we can overcome the common misconception that mirrors in a bedroom lead to poor Feng Shui
Are mirrors in the bedroom bad Feng Shui? is one of the more common questions I get asked when talking about Feng Shui.

The short answer to this question is no as in reality nothing is bad Feng Shui, The purpose of Feng Shui is to achieve balance in your environment so that your personal space is harmonised and positive energy flows. This natural and harmonised flow of energy will then allow you to attract what you desire to your life. Placing any item in your home is not going to have a major detrimental effect on the energy and therefore the Feng Shui in your home, providing of course that you ensure that balance is maintained..

So if mirrors in the bedroom are not bad Feng Shui why do so many Feng Shui experts, myself included, try and discourage people from putting mirrors in the bedroom? The simple reason is that mirrors reflect light and this speeds up the flow of energy in your bedroom. In some areas of your home it may be beneficial to speed up the flow of energy but fast flowing energy is not something that you want in the bedroom, this most restful of spaces in your home. The bedroom is where you go to rest, to sleep, to recharge your batteries after a busy day.

You do not want energy pinging and zinging all over the place disturbing your sleep. Ideally the placement of mirrors in a bedroom is to be avoided, not because it is bad Feng Shui but just to ensure that you do not suffer poor sleeping patterns
But practically, and yes we must look practically at the interior decor for your home is primarily a living space, is it realistic to have a bedroom without a mirror? Many people, and I include myself in this, like to check their appearance before they face the world. In our home we are fortunate to have a bathroom right next door to our bedroom so we use this to check our appearance but often people want or need a mirror in their bedroom.

And if people want a mirror in their bedroom the absence of one is probably going to cause feelings of irritation and frustration. Yes you may get a restful night’s sleep but if you start each day feeling grouchy because there is no mirror to hand then the calm and restful energy is not doing them a whole lot of good.

So if a mirror is needed in the bedroom let us look then at how you can place a mirror in your bedroom in a way that does not speed the flow of energy around the space whilst you are asleep. The following tips should help ensure you can place a mirror in your bedroom with no adverse effects.

Tip 1

Try and bring some balance by ensuring that the mirror is a circular shape or has free flowing curves. Circular and free flowing shapes promote calming yin energy. You do not want to place a mirror with sharp corners in your bedroom. Corners are associated with yang energy so square, rectangular or triangular mirrors will create too much yang energy in a bedroom and could well prevent you getting a good unbroken night’s sleep.

Tip 2

Do not hang a mirror in your bedroom that is in a direct line of sight with your bed. If your bed dominates the room try and ensure that a mirror is tucked away in a corner of the room that is as far away from the head of the bed as possible.

Tip 3

If you want a large mirror in your room, or have mirrored wardrobe doors, consider covering these with material while you sleep. This means that any fast flowing energy will not be channelled around the room during the night so helping you get the calm and restful night’s sleep that you deserve.

Tip 4

Rather than hang a mirror on the wall think about placing a free standing mirror on the floor or on a dressing table. At night this can either be removed or turned to face the wall, again preventing fast flowing energy pinging around the room.

I hope that you have found this week’s blog post useful and it has helped deal with the common misconception that mirrors in the bedroom are bad Feng Shui. If you would like these weekly tips delivered direct to your inbox please subscribe to my mailing list at the top right of this screen.

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