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This week I turn my attention to the rooms of the home that fall within the water area, the most yin of the five elements within the creative cycle. This area sits within the north area of your home and governs your career prospects and business fortunes. This can often be one of the most challenging spaces to decorate in the home and so at the end of the post I have included my top 5 tips for decorating the career area of your home to maximise success in your career.

As water is the most yin of all the elements any rooms in this area should be decorated in cool dark colours with strong bright colours kept to a minimum. I like to think of these rooms as the sort of rooms that you would like to spend time in on a dark, cold, winters evening with sensual comfy fabrics, dim lighting and your favourite possessions dotted about. Excellent colours to use in these rooms are shades of black, grey and dark blue. It is important that the space is balanced so ensure that there are some elements of light contained within the space. A good way to do this in these areas is by keeping the walls a neutral white or cream, keeping floor coverings light and making sure any windows are not covered with blinds or other coverings during the day. Anything that is a bright colour should be kept to a minimum, this area should be a calm, reflective, quiet space and anything that may detract from this should where possible be avoided

The water element is first and foremost represented by itself so try and include some elements of water in the room. This could be an indoor fountain or other water feature, an aquarium or a picture showing flowing water such as a stream, a waterfall or the sea. As the energy in this space takes it’s power from water then it is important that any water that you have in this area is allowed to flow, still water can give the impression that the energy is stagnant and can lead to a lull in career opportunities or business dealings.

Water is represented by free flowing lines and shapes. To this end try and include objects in the space that represent movement or are themselves moving. Mirrors, crystals and glass are excellent to place in these areas of the home as they all symbolise water. Also the placement of a metal windchime or mobile can be advantageous in these rooms as the movement they make can symbolise the movement of water. If you are placing mirrors or glass, such as glass topped tables in the space, you should preferably ensure that they do not have angular corners, curves are best in this area of the home.

Water is supported in the creative cycle by metal. If you want to strengthen this area of the home, for example if you are looking for a promotion at work or you would like to increase your business fortunes, you should look to support the energy in the space by introducing metal elements. Circular metal frames for mirrors, circular metal trinkets such as antique perfume holders or pill boxes placed on tables, plants in metal holders or bowls will all help to support the energy in this room.

In the same way that metal supports the water element, water energy can be destroyed or minimised by the earth element. Earth is represented by square rectangular shapes so try and avoid having square mirrors or tables in this area, and if it is unavoidable ensure that you have placed two circular or free flowing objects for every square object in the area. I also cover the surface earth around plants in this area of my home by placing stones and crystals around the tops of plant pots as this neutralises the earth element in this space.

Top Tips

Colours in this room should ideally be dark or neutral colours. Good colours to use are black, grey and dark blue. To add some lightness to the room silver can be used as this is representative of metal energy and metal supports water in the creative cycle.

Mirrors and crystals are good objects to hang in these areas of the house as their glass surfaces represent water. If you are placing a mirror try and ensure that it is either surrounded by a free flowing or circular frame. Metal or glass frames are best for mirrors in this area.

Furniture and fabrics should ideally be patterned in a free flowing pattern. Fabrics should be rich, thick and luxurious. Velvet, faux fur and silk are great fabrics to use in this area of the home.

If placing plants in this area of the home go for large bushy evergreen plants. Climbing plants are also good to use in this area of the home as they promote upward movement in your career. Plants should be well cared for and watered regularly and dead leaves should be removed immediately.

If you want to stimulate your career place a bowl of fresh water in the room, ideally in a glass or crystal bowl. Stir the water with your finger each time you pass it, visualizing as you do so your new career or business opportunity. Replace the water with fresh water every day.

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