Feng Shui Elements Understanding the Five Elements

Using the five elements in Feng Shui helps to ensure that the energy around you flows freely through Photo 5 Elements1 300×300 Feng Shui Elements Understanding the Five Elements each area of your home. The Chinese think of the five elements as the natural cycle, or movement, of energy through life and believe that if each element is properly represented and in its rightful place in the home, the energy in your home will be perfectly balanced

The five elements, or movements as I prefer to think of them are; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. To remember them I like to relate them to the natural life cycle. Wood is about rebirth, growth, new beginnings and relates in the life cycle to birth and childhood. Fire is heat and burning passion, in the life cycle adolescence. Earth is calm, grounded, stable, in the life cycle a person in mid life. Metal is coolness, contraction like a person entering old age. And finally water is still, cool and at peace like a person at the end of their life.

To ensure you balance the elements and therefore the energy in your home you first of all need to identify their rightful place. Wood, the first of the elements starts like the rising sun in the morning and covers the east and south east areas of your home. Fire is the burning sun at midday and covers the south of your home. Metal is the setting sun at the end of the day and covers the west and north west areas of your home. Water is night and covers the north of your home. Earth balances out light and dark, heat and cold and covers the transition points. Earth therefore covers both the south west and north east area of your home. Once you have identified the optimum place it is important that you properly represent the elements in each area. To represent each element you not only have to introduce the actual element to the area but also to introduce the shapes and colors that represent each element.

Below are the five elements with guidance as to how you can represent them in your home:


Represented by tall columns and by the colors green and blue


Represented by pyramid shapes and triangular shapes and by the colors red and purple


Represented by square and rectangular shapes and the colors brown, beige, creams, gold and yellows


Represented by circular shapes and domes and by the colors grey, silver and white


Represented by free flowing shapes and the colors blue and black

The Creative Cycle

For the five elements to work in harmony in your home each element is created and strengthened by the preceding one. The creative cycle which is a very powerful tool in Feng Shui helps to ensure the natural flow of energy is supported and nurtured as it moves through your home.

At certain times you may want to strengthen the energy in a particular area of your home, to help you in your career for example or to strengthen the relationship with your partner. If this is the case it is important that you not only enhance the particular element in the area of the house that you want to focus your attention, but also bring in some additional support. This is done by introducing or strengthening the element that gave that element life, much like you in times of trouble may turn to the person or people who gave you life.

The information below summarizes the creative cycle.

Wood burns and fuels fire. To strengthen the fire area in your home add elements of wood as well as fire

Fire produces ash which replenishes the earth. To strengthen the earth areas of your home add elements of fire in addition to earth

Earth gives birth to metal which is mined from the ground. To strengthen the areas that are represented by metal also include elements of earth

Metal when cold produces water in the form condensation. To strengthen the water area also include elements of metal

Water provides nourishment for wood helping it to grow. To strengthen the areas represented by wood add water as well as wood elements

The Destructive Cycle

If the elements are not in harmony in your house you may find that the energy does not flow freely and can impact negatively on the overall happiness and harmony of the house. This is especially true if you find that the elements are in what is known as the destructive cycle. In the same way that the elements in the natural order create each other if they are in the wrong order they can destroy each other.

Quite often when people are experiencing a lot of problems in one particular aspect of their life I find that this is because they have an abundance of a destroying element in that area of their house. The information below highlights the destructive cycle and explains what you need to look out for in your home.

Wood destroys Earth as it pierces the ground. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship or in learning look out for an abundance of wood in these areas of your home

Earth destroys Water as when added to water it creates mud. If you are experiencing problems with your career or in a business watch out for too much earth in this area of your home

Water destroys Fire as it kills flames. If you are suffering with your confidence or have low self esteem you may have too much water in this area of your home

Fire destroys Metal as when heated metal melts. If you are suffering in your relationships with your children or friends then fire may be over represented in this area of your home

Metal destroys Wood as it can be created in to implements which break wood. If you are struggling in your relationships with your extended family or have money worries you may have too much metal in these areas of your home.

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