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In this weeks blog I have decided to concentrate on the areas of the home governed by the element metal. Metal is the fourth element in the creative cycle and as such is firmly in the yin area of the home covering both the children / creativy and the helpful friends areas. In this post I will share with you some useful insights in to how you can strengthen these areas of your home as well as guiding you in the basic principles of the metal element of the creative cycle.

Metal is represented both by metallic or shiny objects and circular or dome shapes. Excellent cures for strengthening the energies in the metal areas of the home are to place circular or dome shaped mirrors in silver metal frames on the walls of the rooms in these areas. In the creative cycle metal is supported and strengthened by earth so it is good to add plants in to these areas in circular metal tubs. When adding plants in to these areas always try and ensure that the plants are evergreen and if they are flowering that the flowers are white or cream as these are excellent colours for the metal areas of the home. Ideally any objects that you place in these areas should have flowing lines, avoid any objects that have sharp corners especially those that are pointed in shape as these are representative of fire which can destroy metal. If you do have objects that have sharp lines, and you would like to leave them in place as they have a special meaning for you rather than move them to another area of the home you can balance them with adding in objects that are circular or curved in shape. One client of mine placed a circular metal framed mirror behind one such object which not only helped to enhance the object in question but dispelled any negative energy that it caused.

Colours in this area should be muted, whites, creams and greys are excellent colours for these areas of the home. Bright colours where possible should be avoided both in decorations and in pictures or objects. If you do want to add a splash of a vibrant colour try and ensure that it does not draw too much attention. If you want to decorate a feature wall it is best in this area to go for a dark colour rather than a bright colour, or to add texture. Painting a room in cream and covering one wall in a dark fabric is much more beneficial in this area of the home than painting one wall in a bright colour. The maxim less is more could well have been created for just this area of the home.

I hope this short blog on the metal area of the home has given you some useful information on how to create positive and restful spaces in your children and creativity and helpful friends areas . I will finish this post with my top five tips for strengthening the energy in this area of the home.

Top Tips for strengthening the Metal areas of the Feng Shui home

When placing objects in the metal areas of the home try and ensure that objects are metal and have curved lines. Circular or dome shaped mirrors, lamps with shiny round metal bases and ornaments made out of silver are excellent enhancements to these areas of the home.

When hanging pictures in these areas of the home try and find pictures that are representative of autumn, the season that represents metal. Pictures of a harvest or of autumn leaves are excellent for this area of the home.

In the destructive cycle metal is destroyed by fire so keep candles to a minimum in these areas of the home. If you do want to display candles balance these out by placing them in circular metal or glass candlesticks and stick to white candles. As these are the children and creativity and helpful friends areas of the home it is good to place pictures of your children (if you have them) and friends in these areas. If you are displaying photographs in this area of the home it is excellent to place them in crystal or silver frames.

Colours in these areas of the home should be muted. Creams, whites and soft greys should be in abundance and if you want to add a feature wall cover with a soft sensuous fabric or a beautiful dark patterned wallpaper. If you want to ad contrast to your soft furnishings try and add a number of different textures as opposed to colours.

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