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This week I am going to spend this blog post looking at the fire area which covers the fame and self esteem area of your home. It feels apt for me to cover this area this week as we are just a few weeks in to the new year a time when many people look forward with confidence to what the new year may bring. A new year can bring whatever you want, you just have to believe it

Looking at a plan of your home the fire area is the area of your home that faces south. Fire is represented by very warm rich colours such as dark oranges and reds. Think of looking in to the centre of a roaring fire to visualize the colours that are good in this area. Purple is also an excellent colour for the fire area as purple is often thought of as the deepest shade of red. The shapes that are symbolic of fire are triangular, pyramid shapes, when I think of these shapes I always think of the shape of a fire as it burns in a grate, or of pyramids in Egypt under the hot sun.

If you have ornaments or sculpures that are triangular in shape then it is good to place these in this area, if you havent you can easily make the shape of a pyramind by arranging a grouping of two smaller ornaments and one taller one together. In Le Plantis, in the summer, we group three plants together in this area, a tall plant with spiky leaves in the centre and two slightly shorter plants on either side. Looking at the plants they look like the shape of a roaring fire. Candles also make excellent decorations in this area of the home, if you are using candles try and ensure you use tall pointed ones, or ones that are pyramid shaped and buy candles in deep shades of red and purple.

Fire is supported in the creative cycle by wood so if you are wanting to enhance your self esteem or self confidence bring elements of wood in to the room. We are very fortunate that our wood store is right outside this area of the house and so I always ensure that we have a pile of logs in the corner of the room. In the same way that wood supports fire, fire is destroyed by water so try and minimise anything that represents water in this area of the home, this can include physical water like fountains, pictures of water, mirrors and curved, free flowing sculpures especially if these are made out of glass.

Below I have summarised the five key points I believe help you maximise the fire area in your home. I hope that I have given you some useful information and that if you are wanting to gain more self confidence as you enter the new year you will be able to implement some if not all of the enhancements below.

Fire Tips

Decorate this area of your home in deep reds, oranges and purple. When decorating this area of your home try and use the best quality material you can afford, if you cannot afford expensive fabric then go for fabric that looks expensive

Objects and plants should be triangular in shape. If you have not got objects that are this shape remember that you can group objects together so that they are arranged in a triangular shape.

Candles should be in abundance in this area, use tall pointed candles where possible and ensure they are deep red and purple in colour

Pictures should be representative of fire and should ideally be hung in wooden frames as wood supports fire. Good pictures are those that represent a hot summers day. Use colours that are oranges, reds, yellows and browns, or those that show sand or desert scenes. Where possible pictures should be hung portrait as opposed to landscape style.

Minimise water in this area of your home. This includes physical water, pictures showing water, mirrors, and objects made out of glass. Crystals should also be used sparingly in this area unless one is used for a specific cure.

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