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I’ve been struggling with a bit of a cold this week. I think it has been caused by the dramatic change in temperature. Last weekend I was enjoying very hot temperatures in France, at one point the temperature in the car registered 37, but suddenly at the beginning of this week the temperature dropped to 12. Not being the most organised or observant of people I continued to walk around in t shirt and shorts for a couple of days before my brain registered that it was no longer hot. By then the damage had been done. Even my morning dose of honey that I buy fresh from a woman in the local town hasn’t helped to keep the cold at bay.

Deep down I know that colds are not caused by walking around without many clothes on but I was programmed to believe that by my mother at an early age. It’s funny what we continue to believe as we get older. Even though our adult brains tell us something different we continue to be guided by what was drummed in to us when our brains were at an early stage of development. When I was at school I remember a teacher telling me that I wasn’t naturally bright but with hard work and perseverance I may be fortunate to get a job as an accounts clerk or in the local solicitors. I didn’t want to work in an office, I wanted to be a teacher or a journalist but in that one well meaning conversation I immediately limited my ambitions. I focused on what I thought I could achieve rather than what I believed I could do. I believed deep down that I wasn’t good enough to be a teacher or a writer and so I stopped trying to achieve those goals. It took many years before I started to believe in myself.

Fortunately I learnt how to change my mindset so that I could achieve what I truly wanted in life. I now have the life I want rather than a life limited by other people’s beliefs. Some beliefs are harder to shake than others though, like believing colds are caught by not wearing a jumper when I go out to the shops.

Not feeling in the mood to do much work I sat down earlier in the week to review my blogs from the last few months to see where there were gaps. My goal when I started this blog was to make my knowledge of Feng Shui widely and freely available to as many people as possible so that everyone could benefit from the life changing benefits that it brings. And there is still so much to write about. However one glaring gap was in the blog posts on the five elements. I started a series of blog posts on the five elements at the beginning of this year and my intention at the time was to write about one of the elements each month but I inadvertently seem to have missed one out. Ironically it is the element that many people feel is the most important one as well. Today then I am going to remedy this and write about the third element in the creative cycle of five elements, earth.

Personally I put equal weight on all the five elements in the creative cycle but I can understand why some people believe earth the most important. Earth is the grounding element in the cycle, the element that provides stability and strength. It is also the only element in the cycle of five that covers three of the nine areas in the bagua and is the element that covers the centre, or heart of the house. Given all of this some people therefore feel that it is the one element that provides balance to all the others but my own view is that the balance comes from having each of the elements working in harmony and earth is no more, or less important than any of the others.

Earth covers the relationship, knowledge and health areas of the house in a band that diagonally flows right through the centre of your home. Earth is represented by square, boxy shapes. Furniture in these rooms should be low, square and reassuringly solid, chairs and sofas in these areas of the house should be the sort that give plenty of support. Ideally furniture should be grouped together in the centre of the room or at least placed away from walls so that energy can flow freely around it. Good fabrics to use in earth areas are plain fabrics or stripes in earthy colours of browns, yellows and beiges. In the relationship area of the home these earthy tones can be mixed with pinks and creams and in the knowledge area with earthy greens and grey.

Excellent enhancements to place in the earth areas of the home are anything that has come out of the earth, so stone or marble ornaments, natural crystals of any sort and plants and flowers make excellent decorations. Plants and flowers should where possible be placed in ceramic pots in earthy colours and either surrounded with pebbles or left with the soil showing. An excellent enhancement in the earth area is to make a small indoor garden filled with soil or sand, plants, pebbles and crystals. Placed in the centre of a room in the earth area it can help to bring calmness to the space whilst reminding us of the nurturing health of mother nature.

In the creative cycle earth is supported by fire so if you want to enhance and strengthen the relationship area of your life or are looking to further develop yourself by learning new knowledge or a new skill you can do this by adding elements of fire to the earth area. An excellent way of doing this is by adding an enhancement that encompasses both fire and earth, for example a display of candles surrounded by crystals, a picture of the pyramids in the desert or a picture with fields in the foreground and mountains in the background. Whatever enhancement you choose remember it will only work as an enhancement if you love the picture or decoration and you have placed it with intention.

Earth is destroyed by wood in the destructive cycle of elements so if you are experiencing problems in either the relationship aspect of your life or are finding it difficult to learn a new skill, assess the earth areas to ensure that there is not too much wood in them. A common problem is caused by wooden furniture so make sure any wooden chairs are covered with cushions and place a fabric cloth over any wooden tables. Plants in this area should be bushy and broad leaved so also ensure you do not have any tall, spiky plants in these areas which can also represent the woody element.

I hope you have found this post useful. In my blog posts under the five elements you will now have a full complement and be able to assess your home for each of the five elements to ensure that they are working in harmony together.

Five Tips for Promoting Positive Energy in the Earth Areas
Start with earthy colours of browns, beiges and yellows and then add accents of other colours depending on the room. In the relationship area light brown furniture can be enhanced by cushions in pale pink and deep browns can be enhanced with cushions in vivid pinks. In the knowledge area you could make a feature wall with wallpaper in stripes of fawn and aquamarine.

Earth enhancements are anything that come from the earth so decorate your rooms with stones and pebbles, crystals, plants and flowers. An indoor garden is an excellent earth enhancement

Earth is strengthened by fire so if you are wanting to strengthen the energy in these rooms add elements of fire. A great enhancement that combines the two is to create a decoration of candles surrounded by crystals. In the relationship area of our home at Le Plantis we have a decoration in the centre of the table with two square candles placed on a granite base that is covered with rose quartz crystals.

Avoid having too much of the wood element in earth areas of the home. Minimise the possible destructive effects of wooden furniture by covering with cushions or fabric so that only a bit of the wood is showing.

In each of the rooms in the earth areas of your home try and create one central decoration. As earth is the element that covers the centre of the home, making an earth feature in the centre of each room helps to make for a healthy home.

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