Feng Shui Diet Lose Weight and Stay Healthy, A 9 Day Diet

It has to be said that food is never too far from my mind. For me food is not just nourishment or the fuel that helps to keep my body going but an experience to be enjoyed and savored. Some of my favorite memories have involved food whether they are dinner parties with friends and family, a special meal out in a wonderful restaurant or trying out a new recipe. I have to confess if I am ever in London on a Sunday a favorite trip out is to Whole Foods in Kensington where I can happily spend an hour tasting all the different olive oils, fruits and bread that they seem to have out on display. I even once made a special trip on a Saturday but was bitterly disappointed when there was nothing out to taste.

With a great love of food comes greed and I can sometimes over indulge, a sin I have been terribly guilty of in the last few weeks. As I said in my blog last week I eat a balanced diet most of the year but when our house is full of friends and family over the summer months I always seem to struggle to maintain the healthy eating. Eating a balanced diet isn’t difficult but when everyone around you is on holiday the temptation to go to the bakery first thing in a morning for fresh pastries proves too difficult for me to avoid. And the pastries are only the start of it. Fresh homemade ice cream using strawberries and raspberries from the garden to go with the apple crumbles I always have an urge to make whenever we have visitors, three course dinners, meals out and of course copious amounts of the local wine all add up to an expanding waistline.

I am in the middle of a three day trip to London as I write this feeling terribly guilty for the pain I have been putting my body through over the last seven weeks. I decided on Wednesday morning that I would use the trip to give my body a break and against my better judgment decided to get on the scales. How I wished I hadn’t. I have gained almost a stone in weight in 7 weeks. The weight gain calls for radical measures and so I am currently two days in to my 9 day diet. My 9 day diet consists of avoiding all extreme yin and extreme yang foods so it is no alcohol, coffee, refined sugars, red meat or cheese for me until next Saturday. I’m hoping for a 7lb weight loss over the 9 days, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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