Feng Shui Design Why A Change Is Better Than A Rest

Often when you have lived in a house for a few years you realize that changes need to be made to the way it is arranged. Sometimes this is because you sense that the energy in the home is not right, that the chi does not flow in a natural, balanced, harmonious way and cannot be improved by purely cosmetic means. More often than not though this sense of discomfort that you can get when you live day in day out in your home has come about because the way you planned the arrangement of rooms when you first moved in to the house now doesn’t actually work for you and your family in practical terms.

We have been having those same sort of thoughts ourselves here at Le Plantis. We have lived here amidst the vines and sunflowers of South West France for the best part of three years and have spent the last two years turning our home in to a retreat where people can come to take part in mind, body and soul courses. First and foremost though the house is our home and through the planning stage and the renovations we have been careful to ensure that the house is not only a venue where people can come to relax, study and learn but also a comfortable home for us to enjoy.

This dual purpose use of our home created an additional and difficult dimension to our room arrangement planning and we have had to recently admit that we didn’t get it quite right. The number of people we have been entertaining over the summer, sometimes as many as 12, has made us realize that we need to make a few minor changes to the interior of the house to ensure that it meets both our needs and the needs of our guests.

The major change, for me anyway, is that my study is being moved from where it currently is to an outhouse that we had originally earmarked as our poolroom. This will allow us to create a light and airy guest lounge overlooking the terrace and garden in the room where my study used to be. Now placing my study in the outhouse isn’t as bad as it sounds, although on first appearance it does look as though we are trying to create a text book example of where not to place your study. The outhouse in question is in the western most area of our home, in the back left corner as you look at the house from the road, and in general terms you would be hard pushed to find a more unsuitable location for a study. It just goes to show that a Feng Shui Consultant is not immune in having to make sure practical, mundane considerations take precedence over spiritual perfection and like the vast majority of people I come in to contact with I have to work with what I have got.

Ironically there are many auspicious areas in which to place your home study, it’s just that in our home large that it is all of these areas are taken up by other rooms which have more of a claim for the space. Depending on what you use your study for the most appropriate places to site it are at the front of your house and/or in the north, north west, north east, south east or south areas of your home. Placing your study in one of the rooms at the front of your home is especially auspicious if you work for yourself as this gives the impression that you are eager to embrace any business opportunities that come your way. It shouldn’t however be the first room you enter as this can demonstrate you place greater importance on work than family life. Always remember that a home is primarily a place for you and your family to relax even if you have to work hard when you are in it to keep the roof over your head.

Having your study in the north area of your home, covering the career, the south, covering fame and self esteem or the south east representing wealth will help to ensure that if you use your study for business purposes you will be recognized and well rewarded for the work that you do. Placing your study in the north east area, representing knowledge, will be especially auspicious if you use the room for learning and self development. If you or members of your family are studying for qualifications a desk in the north east of the home or the north east of any room should help you retain the knowledge you need to do well at exams. If your study is in the north west area which covers helpful friends this can be very auspicious if you are self employed as it can ensure that your business network and friends will provide you with any support you need to keep your business prospering.

So what happens if your study is not placed in one of these areas? Well nothing particularly bad if you are aware of the potential problems that this may cause and take positive steps to minimize them. The worst areas to place your study are in the relationship and family areas as this may mean your work impacts negatively on the relationships with your family or significant other. If one of these areas is the most practical place for your study and cannot be avoided it is important that you decorate your study in the colors representing family or relationships (either green, cream or pale pink) and place photographs of your loved ones around the room to remind you why you are working. In my own situation with my study about to be moved to the west area of the house although not a particularly auspicious area it could actually prove to be beneficial. I use my study for writing articles and training courses and so the fact that it is going to be situated in the area supporting creativity may actually make my blog and articles more interesting (we live in hope!). If I want to ensure that I continue to get material rewards as well as personal fulfillment however I do need to consider how best to achieve this when placing my office furniture in the room.

The outhouse is currently being cleared in order that the work can start to turn what is an empty shell of a room in to a hub of industry and creativity. I am fortunate that the room is an empty shell as it means I can decide where the electrical sockets are to be placed in order that I can have my desk and computer in the best area of the room. The best placement for an office desk is in an area of the room where you have a good view of the door when seated and you have your back to a solid wall. This allows you to see anyone who enters the room and demonstrates that you are open to new opportunities. Always try and avoid a desk placement where you have your back to the door and are facing a wall as this gives the impression that you are unable to see a clear way ahead for your business or for work. Ideally you would want to place your desk in one of the most auspicious areas of the room for your specific needs, as I need to ensure that I obtain material rewards from my work I will certainly be placing my desk so that it covers both the wealth and fame areas in the room.

The desk in the study should be free of clutter, and certainly when you finish working for the day, books, files and papers that you have been using and working on should be put away. Leaving these on the desk can have the impact of cluttering your mind, preventing you from focusing on long term goals and plans as your mind is filled with day by day short term objectives. In my new study I will be placing a bookcase for my many books in the knowledge area of the room and a cupboard next to it in the career area for my day to day papers and files. This will give the impression that though my work may be creative, as far as my business is concerned I can be both structured and organized.

The move will be taking place in the next few weeks, providing we can persuade our regular builder to improve his quote for the work. Allowing a little time for the energy to realign you should hopefully be able to tell when the move has been made by the obvious improvement in the creativity of my blog posts!

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