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I’m often asked what the difference is between a Feng Shui Coach and a Feng Shui Consultant. A google search of either phrase will bring up millions of hits and so when looking for advice and support it can be difficult to identify the right Feng Shui expert who will provide you with what you are both looking for and need.

Sometimes in the Feng Shui world you will find people who provide both coaching and consultancy but I find that if you want specific support from a Feng Shui expert it is best to go to one who devotes his or her time to one or the other. To be a consultant or a coach takes a very different set of skills and although the person may be very skilled and knowledgeable in Feng Shui it doesnt naturally follow that they will be a skilled coach or consultant.

Typically a Feng Shui Consultant will provide advice and so you should go to a consultant if you have a specific problem in your home, or are designing or remodelling a home or buying a new one. A Feng Shui Consultant can provide advice, recommendations and tips that will help you cure poor energy flow or ensure a strong flow is promoted or maintained. A Feng Shui Consultant can be consulted again and again and I know many people who have incredibly strong relationships with their Feng Shui Consultants and have been using them for years.

A Feng Shui Coach on the other hand should be used if you want to learn. A good Feng Shui Coach will ask questions, impart information and help you to understand why certain cures and enhancements will help the flow of energy in your home. You should go to a Feng Shui Coach when you want to strengthen the energy in your space and want to gain the skills to be able to maintain this positive flow of energy yourself. A Feng Shui Coach is often used as a sounding board for ideas and initiatives you have yourself and so may well have a strong relationship with clients but the relationship is more an equal partnership than a client/consultant relationship. When asked to define coaching I am always reminded of the words of Confucius, give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, show a man how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

Both Feng Shui Consultants and Feng Shui Coaches provide a valuable service and whether you want either one or the other often comes down to personal preference. Personally I provide a coaching service because my motivation in life is to share my Feng Shui knowledge as widely as possible, but that isnt to say that a coach is better than a consultant they are not. Assuming however that you want a Feng Shui Coach and not a Feng Shui Consultant (a huge assumption I know and made purely because you are reading this blog post) how do you go about finding a good one among all the millions of google hits. The following tips will help you.

Ask the Feng Shui Coach what coaching qualifications they have. If you want to have a coaching relationship with them it is important that you know that the individual is a qualified coach as well as a Feng Shui expert.

Ask the Feng Shui Coach what their motivation is. A good Feng Shui Coach will want to ensure that you have the knowledge that you need at the end of the session to put enhancements or cures in to practice yourself.

Have a conversation with the Feng Shui Coach first before parting with any money. A good Feng Shui Coach will happily share information before they are hired, after all they want you to learn.

Notice how many questions the Feng Shui Coach asks about you. Whereas the focus of a consultant is often on the home the focus of a coach is on you. A Feng Shui Coach needs to know about you so that they can understand the best approach to take. A good coach adapts their style to each individual

Find out what will happen at the end of a session. Will you be left with knowledge of Feng Shui so that you can adapt certain enhancements and cures yourself or will you be provided with a number of solutions?

Finally contact a number of people before making a decision. In a coaching relationship it is vitally important that you get on with each other. A good coach will understand this and not pressure you in to making an immediate decision.

I hope that you have found this information useful. Always remember when looking for a Feng Shui Coach it is just as important that the person is a skilled coach as well as being knowledgeable in Feng Shui and most importantly of all it is somebody you both like and trust.

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